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Commercial+Hospitality, Show Recap

Nourison Continues to Invest in Hospitality, Showcases Latest Features at Revamped BDNY Booth

Nourison Hospitality showcases upgraded booth, new patented carpet qualities and online design tools at the 2022 boutique design fair.

RugNews.com Editors
Nourison Booth at the 2023 BDNY
Nourison Hospitality revamps its BDNY booth design to create a room-like interior space and feature the
growing lineup of its commercial rug and broadloom program.

NEW YORK -- Nourison Hospitality continues to target the hospitality segment and rolled out a fresh booth design, new patented carpet qualities and its Design Now online design application at the recently held BDNY event.

“Attendance was outstanding," Dipesh Haria, creative director, Nourison Hospitality, told RugNews.com. "We had over triple the number of people at our booth and the increase in attendance at the show reflects the upsurge in the number of projects we are working on."

Nourison Hospitality's Jonathan Peykar, far left, and Dipesh Haria, center, show the newest products to, from
left to right, Aine O'Connor, Monica Moniz De Salva and Katherine Steinberg, all with hospitality purchasing
provider Parker International, based in Miami.

Nourison has been investing in its hospitality division for several years now, bringing Haria on board to help develop the hospitality division's branding strategy. "The style of the booth was intended to represent the new brand identity that we have been rolling out in phases over the past four years," Haria said. "It started with the launch of a distinct new logo for Nourison Hospitality in 2019 and this year we launched Design Now, together with the new booth."

Nourison's new booth design projects a modern, sophisticated sensibility with its black free-standing multi-sided displays 
and a bar and seating area.

Design Now, launched earlier this year, is Nourison Hospitality's online design application that makes it easy for clients to browse its library of patterns. Capabilities include a recoloring tool to customize a design and generating a room scene illustrating how the design looks in a selected setting or uploaded one.

Nourison Hospitality's Design Now online tool allows users to select a design from Nourison's comprehensive
library and re-color and view in a room setting.


Nourison's popular Prismatic area rug collection is re-interpreted for the hostility market and was a showstopper.

At the fall BDNY, held at the Javits Center in New York City in mid-November, Nourison Hospitality's hand-carved Axminster and Abrash techniques generated a lot of interest. In addition, the division’s hand-tufted feature rug -- inspired by Nourison's successful Prismatic area rug collection -- was a showstopper with "many raving fans," Haria said, adding that the launch of the Nourmak and Nourmak Plus patented qualities "grabbed a lot of attention" as well.

Nourmak rugs are hand-knotted of premium wool and feature Nourison's patented “Soumak” weave, which creates a worn, vintage look. And Nourmak Plus designs combine a raised cut pile with a lower flat-woven texture.

Nourison's new Nourmak, right, and Nourmak Plus patented qualities received thumbs up from BDNY attendees.

"The rugs displayed on the newly designed booth, represented 10 different product types in colorways that complement each other without being identical," Haria said. "Every designer on Nourison Hospitality’s staff contributed. We started with a design from our archive and transformed it into something new, representing the actual process of using the Design Now tool, and mixing different color palettes while being homogenous and standing together in a chic, sophisticated, elegant way."

Haria explained, "Rather than there being a trending hero color or pattern, in hospitality the style of a carpet is dictated by the interior design, which incorporates a language for the hotel taken from its location. Almost a geocentric attitude. The choice of color and pattern usually tells a story, which can change from property to property. Therefore, we selected about 40 colors that all worked together, but only used a selection of these per rug. The anchor for the concept started with a photo taken of a rusty steel paneled door in Manhattan. It had shades of colors that spoke of sustainability and raw materials reflecting one of the strongest current trends. Like the red sand of an Australian desert. We added a range of accents of black to white and gold to hold it together."

Nourison Hospitality created a custom design featuring a stylized version of the division's new logo in the Nourmak
quality, hand-knotted of wool.


Nourison showcased a high-quality printed design on a machine-tufted base, next to a hand-tufted geometric style design.

On one wall of the booth, Nourison showcased a blue hand-tufted geometric style rug, made of 100 percent New Zealand wool, that used various cut-pile heights combined with loop pile texture to create the subtle movement depending on how the rug was approached. Next to it, Nourison placed a high-definition dye-injection print on a 20 percent New Zealand wool/80 percent nylon tufted base. "It was hand-carved to add more dimension. We are so confident of the quality of this carpet that we thought it could stand next to the hand-tufted. Both tufted but very different and opposite in nature and use."

Nourison Hospitality offered BDNY shoppers a sample of its ultra textural pure wool hand-tufted quality that blends 
various cut-pile heights combined with loop pile.

Nourison Hospitality's latest dye-injection printing technology produces machine-tufted carpets with outstanding dye penetration and pattern resolution along with unlimited pattern repeats. This product uses either a blend of wool and nylon (80/20 or 20/80) or 100 parent nylon on cut pile and textured cut/loop bases, as well as custom hand-carving. NH's printed broadloom, and rugs are cost-effective and extremely durable for high-traffic areas. Designs can include up to 16 and are available in 12' and 13' 2" widths (custom widths available upon request).

Nourison Hospitality's latest dye-injection printing technology produces machine-tufted carpets with outstanding pattern

On the hand-tufted side, Nourison also featured its popular tufted broadloom and area rugs. Suitable as feature rugs in lobbies and suites, NH's hand-tufted rugs are crafted using 100 percent premium wool, or wool with accent fibers, such as Luxcelle or silk. There is no limitation to sizes or shapes with the exception of practicality of shipping the finished product to the site. Pile weights are 450 (72 oz per square yard), 550 (88 oz per square yard), and 650 (oz per square yard). And these rugs feature hand-serged edges. Accent fibers, hand-carving, beveling, embossing, abrash dye, over-dye techniques are available upon request.

Nourison reworks its immensely successful Prismatic rug quality for the hospitality market.
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