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Pantone Forecasts New Palettes in PantoneView Home + Interiors 2020 Report

Pantone is projecting color and design trends in its PantoneView home + interiors 2020 printed report, and gives a sneak peek at forecast palette.

Image of room and couple in trend color setting
CARLSTADT, N.J. -- Pantone reveals color and design projections in its PantoneView Home + Interiors 2020 printed report, and gives a sneak peek at forecast palettes for its trends, Tea Garden and Beyond the Pale.

According to Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color institute, "Color and design trends for home furnishings 2020 reveal a fascinating dichotomy as a new era brings in both novel and nostalgic approaches to design. 
PantoneView Home + Interiors 2020
"A kaleidoscopic of colors twists into patterns or combinations which are authentic and real while other palettes appear somewhat surreal or out-of-the-ordinary.  PantoneView home + interiors 2020 guides us into this new era reinforcing the notion that muted and vibrant tones can co-exist, and that a traditional style, especially when tweaked with futuristic touches, offers an unusual and original approach to a product or an interior.
The colors of Tea Garden, an artfully tranquil palette for home furnishings 2020, highlights an array of subtle nature based hues punctuated a brilliant metallic blue.
"An emphasis on self-care combined with our affinity for nature based hues clearly comes through in Tea Garden, an artfully tranquil story of grounded tones, nature-infused health-giving hues and contentment.
Pressman adds: "Deliciously subtle, this memorable and sincere palette is both pure and poetic. Reminiscent of the art of the Japanese ceremony called Way of the Tea, the colors and mood of Tea Garden suggest a thoughtful aesthetic imbued with humility, simplicity, harmony, respect, and tranquility.

Fabrics illustrating Pantone's Tea Garden palette chosen from Rubelli Venezia include, Katagami (above) and Sanandaj (below).
"Those same words could describe the thoughts embodied in the architecture of a tea garden, in the design of the containers that hold the tea, or the fascinating structure of a floral arrangement that might grace the table. A sense of ritual draws deep feeling from us, and encourages us to slow our pace just long enough to sip our tea and use all five senses to ground us in the 'now'. 

"The colors used in the Tea Garden palette fit perfectly into its ethos: blue in the shades of sky and sea, earthy lavender-inflected Toadstool, serene greens, both Matcha-toned yellow-green and a pungent chai shade, and the finishing flavor of Mango. Beetle Wing, a metallic green blue from our new Pantone Metallic Shimmers palette adds a dose of brilliant intensity to this earthly palette.
The 2020 projections also feature pages featuring Beyond the Pale, a trend palette that signifies global presence, spirited feelings, diverse textures and materials. The look is defined as modern and multicultural, and "genuinely happy", with pink gradations and lively accents.
Pantone's Beyond the Pale palette spikes up pink and blush tones with vivid accents.
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