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Las Vegas, Previews

Dynamic Rugs Introduces 16 New Rug Collections at Vegas, Including First Washable Designs

Dynamic Rugs is rolling out more than a dozen trend-inspired area rug collections, which includes everything from the company's first machine-washable designs to high-quality machine-mades.

Lisa Vincenti
image of traditional motif rug in neutral palette in living room setting
Dynamic Rugs introduces Hudson, a line featuring neutral palettes and subtle high-low traditional designs.
Shown, 1451

LAS VEGAS -- Dynamic Rugs heads to the winter edition of Las Vegas Market with 16 new area rug collections, many of them tailored to trends the company has identified in the market.

Among the debuts, which will be on display at the company's A-432 showroom, are Dynamic Rugs' first machine-washable collections (Elise and Rhythm). The company is also adding several new high-end machine made assortments that impart a "shiny" element to textural designs.

"We will be introducing over 16 new collections in a variety of different styles and designs, as well as additions in size and design to some of our popular existing collections," said Matthew Rouhainian, founder, Dynamic Rugs. "Some of our new collections contain a mix of multiple different styles, so there is bound to be a rug for everyone."

The company incorporated several trends that have been emerging in the past few months.  "There are some interesting trends that have caught our attention over the past few months that we wanted to incorporate in the new designs. The southwestern style has become increasing popular and includes floral patterns and colors like terracotta and burnt red. Soothing colors like deep blue, lilac, and Spanish moss are making headway, and like terracotta. Finally, motifs and symbols in rugs that share a message or story have become increasingly popular, and we absolutely took that into account when selecting new designs."

In addition, Dynamic Rugs reports that "shiny" rugs have been trending and several of the newest introductions (Carlisele and Deja) include options catering to this direction.

"We are very excited to showcase what we are calling “shiny” rugs into some of our latest designs. These new styles look like a normal rug but have a layer of shine in the low part of the texture in the rug. We have also evolved the quality of material in our rugs, thanks to the polyester and polyester-blend materials contained in the new collections."


Dynamic Rugs introduces Carlisele, in a range of textural, lustrous motifs in nature inspired hues. Shown, 62005

Combining a blend of frieze polyester and shiny polyester, Carlisele collection includes a blend of modern and rustic and distressed designs, with nature-inspired palettes. These rugs feature a shiny material that glimmers in the light. Available in sizes: 2’2” x 7’7”, 3’11” x 5’7”, 5’3”x7’, and 7’10” x 10’6”.

The handmade Deja collection offers subtle traditional floral designs of space-dyed polyester Shown, 4682-930

Dynamic Rugs' Deja collection is handmade of space-dyed polyester in India and offers subtle traditional floral rug design. The collection consist Available in sizes: 5x8, 8x10, and 9x12.


Dynamic Rugs introduces the machine-washable Elise collection of traditional motif rugs. Shown, 6302-510

Dynamic Rugs rolls out its first machine-washable rugs with the new Elise collection. Rugs are made of a cotton and polyester blend in four to five color ways with an MSRP of $279.00 in 5'3" x 7. Elise also includes a runner size of 2'6" x 7'6" at $149.99 MSRP, and a 3x5 at $149.99. 


Offering subtle classic motifs in neutral hues, Hudson offers textural patterns. Shown, 1451-880

Cross-woven of polyester and shrink polyester, Hudson rugs are machine-made in Turkey. The cross-woven composition and strong materials helps make the rug super durable. The lineup offers simplified traditional motifs in neutral palettes.
Available in sizes: 2’ x 7’5”, 3x3, 5’3” x 7’7”, 6’7” x 9’6”, 7’10” x 10’8”, and 9’ x 12’7”.


Shown, 14005

Dynamic rugs dense-pile Masai assortment is made of heatset polypropylene, machine-made in Belgium. Offering simple designs and neutral colors Masai rugs have a cloud-like feel thanks to the dense pile of the polypropylene. Available in sizes: 2’7” x 5’, 5’3” x 7’7”, 6’7” x 9’6”, 7’10” x 10’10”, and 9’2” x 12’


Dynamic Rugs grows its indoor-outdoor lineup with Melissa, a collection including modern and traditional designs.
Shown, 4232-950

The weather-resistant indoor-outdoor Melissa collection is machine-made in Turkey of polypropylene. The assortment includes Consists of modern and traditional designs in palettes including grays, blues, beige and taupe. Available sizes: 2'2" x 7'3" at $84.99 MSRP, and 5'3 x 7' at $229.99 MSRP.


The Octo collection, crafted of polyester and shrunk polyester, offers high-low motifs in neutral color combinations.
Shown, 6904-999

Dynamic Rugs' Octo collection is a polyester and shrunk polyester, machine-made assortment from Turkey. It is available in sizes: 9x12 at $2,399.99 MSRP, 2'2" x 7'7" at $319.99 MSRP, 2'7" x 4'11" at $299.99 MSRP, 5'3" x 7'7" at $679.99 MSRP, 6'7" x 9'6" at $1,119.99 MSRP, and 7'10" x 10'10" at $1,499.99 MSRP.


Soft patterning and neutral palettes are crafted of viscose and shrink polyester in Renaissance. Shown, 3157-190

Dynamic Rugs rolls out Renaissance, a collection of high-low designs machine-made of viscose and shrink polyester in Turkey. Offering distressed look the rugs' straight woven composition helps add structure and durability. Available in sizes: 2’2” x 7’7”, 2’ x 3’11”, 3’11” x 5’7”, 5’3” x 7’7”, 6’7” x 9’6”, 7’10” x 10’10”, and 9’2” x 12’.

The machine-washable Rhythm collection includes contemporary abstract and geometric motifs. Shown, 6421-990

Rhythm is a machine-washable collection made of a cotton and polyester blend  in Turkey and offers contemporary and geometric looks. Available sizes are  2'6" x 7'6 " at $149.99 MSRP, 3x5 at $149.99 MSRP, and 5'3" x 7' at $279.99 MSRP.


Dynamic Rugs' Sutlan collection reworks traditional rug patterns in a blend of wool and viscose. Shown, 853-099

Offer traditional rug motifs, the new Sultan collection is machine-made of wool and viscose in Turkey. Offering intricate, colorful patterns the collection is available in sizes 2’2” x 7’7”, 5’3” x 7’7”, 6’7” x 9’6”, 7’10” x 10’6”, and 9’2” x 12’5”.

The hand-tufted Trono collection is hand-tufted of wool with a high-low pile. Shown, 5481-190

Dynamic Rugs debuts the hand-tufted Trono collection, crafted of 100 percent wool in India. Trono collection offers two patterns (an simple abstracted motif and grid-pattern rug, above) in multiple colorway options with a high-low pile. Natural wool material gives a very soft feel, without compromising the durability and strength of the rug. Available in sizes: 5x8, 8x10 and 9x12.
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