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Ballard Designs Shares Social Media Strategy

Ballard Designs, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, is using social media, notably TikTok, to help stay on-trend in the fast-moving world of home fashion.

close up of rolled up rug
Ballard Designs is turning to TikTok to help the brand stay on-trend with consumers. Above, a TikTok post by
Ballard showcases its latest area rugs.

ATLANTA -- Home décor and furniture omnichannel company Ballard Designs turns 40 this year, and the company is using social media, notably TikTok, to help the mature brand stay on-trend in the fast-moving world of home fashion.

Recent reporting on social media Trends & Behaviors by GWI marketing research confirms that social media use has leveled out worldwide, Ballard stated, however: 

• TikTok alone grew 32 percent in the past two years.
• And despite its youthful reputation, (TikTok) engagement has grown the most among Gen X and baby boomers," the GWI report concluded.

Ballard launched its corporate TikTok channel in March of 2020 and has slowly built a following by serving up the latest looks in home décor and inspiring do-it-yourself decorators – with fun and a dry sense of humor.

A TikTok favorite from Ballard Designs was its catchy Green Bedding video.

"Witty little posts like this one work because our fans and customers love light-hearted visual snacks," notes Steve Dumas, senior director of digital marketing for Ballard Designs, of the Green Bedding video. "And everyone loves a gorgeous room!"

However the company noted that creating a hit TikTok moment is like trying to catch lightening in a bottle, especially when you're a corporation. The line between conversation and advertising is a fine one and takes a lot of luck and finesse to walk.

One of Ballard's most popular TikTok posts used actress Drew Barrymore's funny on-air rant against recessed lighting to highlight the company's selection of wall sconces. The company's post with that soundtrack really touched a nerve with interior design lovers while making them laugh.

By capitalizing on trending content, engaging early, and posting at least three times a week, Ballard is using TikTok to build its brand story while the channel is still relatively uncluttered with commercial posts.

According to Ballard Designs' social media specialist and videographer Kelley Bostian, "Some posts soar, some flatline. The best posts are really about people sharing laughs and ideas."

Director Dumas adds, "And when you're a commercial company, you want to avoid making people feel like they're being sold. Finding the trends and material, and then bringing it all together seamlessly is the hardest part," he confides. "But we will definitely keep trying. "
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