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06292010 Wools of New Zealand Partners Donate Wool to Oil Spill Cleanup



ATLANTA – Wools of New Zealand partners are contributing to clean up efforts in the Gulf by donating wool to be used in making booms, according to Wools of New Zealand.

J. Mish, Woolshire, Woolen Resources and Creative Accents have all shipped wool waste material to Matter of Trust an organization that is warehousing the fiber and making them into booms

“Wool is a highly efficient oil adsorbent, meaning the oil clings to the many tiny scales on every strand," said Elise Demboski, executive director of Wools of New Zealand in North America. “It is natural, biodegradable, hydrophobic, buoyant and has large retaining capacity. This makes it much more effective for use in booms than typical polypropylene fillers.” 

 Wools of New Zealand partners have donated their wool waste, which is typically sold or used to make recycled cushion,  Demboski explained. “They are shipping the wool, at their own expense, to warehouses in the Gulf of Mexico.    

The wool waste material is being shipped to Matter of Trust, an organization that warehouses the fiber and makes it into booms. The wool is joined by thousands of pounds of hair, fleece and feathers that will be used for shoreline protection and oil spill clean up.

The company has released a three-minute audio explaining  how wool is being used to help with the cleanup, to listen, click here.



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