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04162019 Fiber-Shield Industries Inc. Announces Global Launch Of Suedecryl High Performance Leather & Suede Protection


 "It's a high-performance, safe, and environmentally friendly treatment" -- Manny Vickers, Fiber-Shield

YAPHANK, N. Y. -- Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a leading supplier of specialty protection products and related materials, today announced the global launch of its super-hydrophobic leather and suede stain and water repellent SUEDECRYL to industry professionals worldwide.

This powerful new protection for suede, nubuck and non-top coated, or open-faced, leathers is ideal for products in a variety of markets, including footwear, apparel and furniture.  While beautiful, the open pores of such material absorb soil and water easily.  As a result, the appeal and need for SUEDECRYL protection among product makers, retailers, interior designers and more is significant.  According to a recent study by Zion Market Research, the global footwear industry alone is projected to reach $320.44 billion by 2023, with annual growth pacing 4.5 percent CAGR. 
SUEDECRYL treated leather surfaces offer long-lasting protection from damaging household stains such as alcoholic beverages, coffee, oil, soil and much more, according to Manny Vickers, President and Co-Founder of Fiber-Shield Industries Inc. It dries in minutes, and provides UV and abrasion resistance and color protection.  
SUEDECRYL was especially made to maintain the hand and look of the leather.  This super-hydrophobic formulation, which uses a proprietary polymeric system, is customizable and safe.  In fact, all super-hydrophobic products made by Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. contain no PFOs, PFOAs, PFAS (independent laboratory tested 2019) or PBDEs.
"SUEDECRYL is a highly-effective, long-lasting solution that builds profits and delights end-users in a wide-range of product sectors," Vickers said.  "It's a high-performance, safe, and environmentally friendly treatment for our b-to-b customers."
Super-hydrophobics: A Look under the Hood
According to Vickers, super-hydrophobic coatings cause an almost imperceptibly thin layer of air to form on top of a surface. "Super-hydrophobic effects are also found in nature," Vickers said.  "They appear on plant leaves, butterfly wings, and duck feathers, for example."
Such super-hydrophobic surfaces, Vickers explained, are extremely difficult to wet since they cause liquids to aggregate and form beads that sit on the surface. These surfaces efficiently repel liquids, causing molecules to clump together and form little beads that are not absorbed by open-faced leathers such as suede and nubuck and, thus, easily wiped away. 
SUEDECRYL is Available Now 
Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. formulates SUEDECRYL in 1-, 5-, 30-, and 55-gallon containers.  SUEDECRYL has a shelf-life of up to 36 months.  It is applied via a standard pump sprayer, preferably with a T-jet spray type tip for additional spray pattern control.
About Fiber-Shield Industries Inc.
Founded in 1979 by Manny and Connie Vickers, the Long Island, NY-based company's proprietary formulations demonstrate its mastery of Polymer Science and allied technologies.  The Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc.'s mission is to deliver proven, breakthrough protection products that outperform others in terms of durability, ease of application, formula consistency, safety and quality-- and yet are competitively priced.
Industries served include Fabric & Carpet; Leather; Glass; Fire Retardants; Metal & Fiberglass; Vinyl & Rubber; Masonry and other materials.
Of particular note is the company's rigorous attention to quality control in their state of the art labs, which ensures batch-to-batch product integrity and, therefore, consistent performance.  As a result of this customer-first approach, and driven by management's desire to create formulas that solve customers' toughest protection challenges, positive word-of-mouth for this industry pioneer continues to grow.
The company's proven, high-performance products have earned more than an estimated $3 billion in product sales, at-retail, since 1979.  
For more information, visit the company online: www.Fiber-Shield.com

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