Issue Date: 2018 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/28/2018

01282018 The Scoop from Interior Designer Kerrie Kelly on Her New Coast to Coast Rugs for Feizy
By Carol Tisch
Vegas Market Debut

Kerrie Kelly poses with rugs from her debuting Coast to Coast indoor-outdoor collection for Feizy at a photo shoot at the Ink House, a Castellucci Napa Valley historic inn.

LAS VEGAS -- Northern California interior designer Kerrie Kelly, founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, will introduce her Coast to Coast collection of indoor-outdoor rugs for Feizy to Las Vegas Market shoppers at Feizy's showroom Suite C-180, Floor 1, on Tuesday Jan. 30.

An award-winning interior designer and author Kelly premiered the line in Dallas earlier this month with a launch party held Friday, Jan. 19 at the rug maker's newly expanded showroom at World Trade Center, Suite 102, during Dallas Total Home & Gift Market. Kelly is also a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and ASID. With those credentials, she not only caught the attention of Feizy, but also of another brand-new licensing partner, Coyote Outdoor Living, a grill company that has recently ventured into outdoor furniture with a line created by Kelly.  

In this exclusive interview, Kelly talks with RugNews.com about the inspiration for the new collection, her views on designing outdoor spaces, and the lifestyle trend to casual outdoor rugs being used indoors.

Why did you name the collection Coast to Coast?

KK: I am from California and my husband is from New York. When I designed the collection, I wanted something for everyone to experience outdoor living, hence the name "Coast to Coast".
Above and below, among designer Kerrie Kelly's favorites from her Coast to Coast collection for Feizy is this structured blue chain link design.

Do you design outdoor spaces for many of your residential projects?

KK: Yes, I live in California where we get to experience outdoor living at least 90 percent of year. Recently we've been designing a lot Napa Valley homes, where we've been specifying exterior and interiors, and we are based in Sacramento so Northern California has us busy inside and out.

Do you tend to coordinate the palettes and style of furnishings for your client's exteriors and interiors?

KK: Absolutely. These days with the innovation of products that are used outdoors, there is no reason not to. The available outdoor palette and patterns are so livable that the delineation between outdoor and indoor fabrics and rugs has really been blurred. Due to the pros of performance materials in outdoor rugs, we encourage taking these rugs indoors too -- they are ideal for pets, kids and wine parties, too!

The Feizy Coast to Coast collection is very sophisticated yet very casual. Is that reflective of your design style?

KK: The styling is simple. The rugs are meant to anchor and define outdoor dining and living spaces -- the kinds of spaces we find when we are designing dining areas, lounge spaces and outdoor kitchens. The rug designs are casual; they reflect an easy, casual, livable lifestyle.

Simple styling and a tailored aesthetic characterize the just-debuted Coast to Coast collection by Kerrie Kelly.

Why do you think so many consumers are using outdoor rugs inside?

KK: Again, it's all about casual living and easy, cleanable products that are well designed. Whether the rug is for use outdoors or inside the home, consumers don't want to have to worry about the activities of pets, kids, or guests -- they are affordable and low maintenance, so these rugs will be used inside or outdoors.

The Feizy collection has a lot of geometrics, they're transitional designs, right?

KK: I come from a back ground of Ralph Lauren, so there is a tailored, structured element I'm drawn to. We usually think of keeping structured details on the walls or on a ceiling, but in my rug designs I like to think of the floor as the sixth wall -- it must be thoughtfully addressed in the design as well. In the Feizy collection we're using structured patterns to create that statement indoors and out.

How would you describe the color palette?

KK: The hues are inspired by what we see in those coast to coast scenes. We have shades of blue like water, and we have sandy neutrals, as well as splashy oranges should you have a specific style story to tell. If you want to keep your aesthetic neutral, but also want some fashion-like sophistication, we have black and white as well.

Kerrie Kelly's Coast to Coast for Feizy uses structured patterns to create a statement for the indoors and out. Detail below. 

What about the Coast to Coast collection pleases you most?

KK: The versatility of the rugs. I am very pleased that they can be used both indoors and outdoors ... that they are very effortless, low maintenance. They're an easy addition to elevate an outdoor space and they allow customers to bring style to interior spaces at an affordable price point.

How does Coast to Coast reflect your personal style?

KK: My personal style is reflected in the overall vibe of the collection. Not only the rugs themselves, but what they invite -- friends, family and effortless entertaining. It is how my family and I live, inviting people to our home and letting them come and go, in and out, with dogs, kids, young, old -- a casual sense to outdoor living that enhances our lifestyle.

Do you have any favorites in the Feizy line? What do you like best in the collection?

KK: I really love working with the Feizy family and how they have allowed my style to be a part of their brand. As far as patterns, I love all of them, but if I had to choose, my favorites are a structured blue chain link pattern and a black and white design that fuses my initials, KK.

This black and white rug from the Coast to Coast collection by Kerrie Kelly for Feizy fuses the designer's initials "KK."

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