Issue Date: 2015 JUNE, Posted On: 6/1/2015

06012015 HRI Relocates to 5th Floor AmericasMart Showroom


Lee Harounian

NEW YORK - Harounian Rugs International (HRI) has announced it will relocate into a new AmericasMart showroom in time for the the upcoming Atlanta International Rug Market.  One of the most senior rug tenants at AmericasMart, HRI will be permanently located on the 5th floor, space 5-C-10.

"The timing of this opportunity is perfect. We are not only able to move to the re-merchandised fifth floor but also increase the size of our showroom. All this is happening after one of our best Atlanta Markets in January due to our extremely diversified collections of fine hand knotted and handmade rugs in a variety of designs and color ways."

"Our customers and designers can capitalize on HRI's 50-plus years of experience in producing and marketing uniquely saleable production rugs in the market place. HRI has chosen to make and stay with better and finer quality hand knotted and handmade rugs in all price point categories," said Lee Harounian, HRI principal.

"Our location on the 5th floor is fantastic. A new and larger showroom will allow us to better display and serve our new expanded hand knotted collections from the successful, "We've got the Blues" and 'Rustic-Luxe' campaigns," added Greg Jordt, executive vice president of sales and market for HRI.

Greg Jordt

"The market has come to expect innovation from HRI" - Greg Jordt.


According to Jordt, HRI has a long-standing commitment to design and color, as well as to quality and supervision of the company's original productions. "We are also committed to efficient service and delivery of our ageless rugs. The innovations that the market has come to expect from HRI are a direct result of our designers' efforts to boldly explore new design concepts while intelligently reacting to current decorative trends and needs. HRI designs, manufactures, and markets an unsurpassed value-driven selection of area rugs," Jordt said.

HRI's staffed offices and factories in New York in the USA, New Deli, India, Lahore, Pakistan, Beijing China, and Kathmandu in Nepal integrate the design, construction, logistics, and marketing of the company's award winning and comprehensive collections of tailored and programmed carpets and rugs. Collections can be seen in HRI showrooms in New York, Atlanta, High Point, and Las Vegas and on www.hrirugs.com.

The new HRI showroom 5-C-10 in AmericasMart Building one will be open during the Atlanta Rug Market July 8 to 11, 2015 and all future markets.




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