Issue Date: 2015 JUNE, Posted On: 6/5/2015

06052015 ICI Int'l Introduces Rug in Package Program at ICFF


The new Rug in Pack program from ICI International launched in the U.S. at ICFF.

NEW YORK - ICI International of Istanbul, Turkey and its U.S.-based Creative Touch in Secaucus, N.J. presented a Rug in Pack program as well as new additions to the parent company's 20-collection patchwork rug program at the May, 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  First unveiled at the January 2105 Domotex fair in Hannover, Germany, the Rug in Pack program  provides the company's Patchwork collection rugs in a pre-packaged format that will now be warehoused in the U.S. and shipped directly to the retailer customer's shelf or rack.

Sevin Ozdilek (left), Baki Ildiz and Tolga Uysal at the ICI International - Creative Touch ICFF booth.

At ICFF, Baki Ildiz, principal of Creative Touch, and Tolga Uysal, publicity and presentation manager of ICI, explained that the program is offered with ICI branding.  It can also be completely custom-tailored to each retailer's selection of patchwork carpets - by rug size, style or color so that the program would be unique to the store.  Private label programs with the customer's branding is also available.

A section of the ICI and Creative Touch booth devoted to red patchwork rugs and poufs.

"The target retailers for this program are furniture stores, home improvement or chain stores. Both the patchwork carpets and packages can be produced under private label to each client's specifications, if they want to use their own branding," Ildiz said.

The 50-50 wool and cotton patchwork rugs are all upcycled from vintage Anatolian carpets, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly.  In keeping with that the company's focus on sustainability, Uysal said that the packaging itself had been painstakingly designed and produced to ecological standards.

Any of ICI International's extensive patchwork line can be selected for the Rug in Pack program. 

"We had a team of 30 engineers working on this packaging system," Uysal told RugNews.com. "It is efficient, economic and ecologically sound." The program is offered in four options:  rugs can be packed in shrink wrapped sleeves with labels, in heavy paper tubes, in slim box or flat box formats. Depending on the option selected, ICI offers the packaged product shipped in boxes or pallets.

"The Rug in Pack program provides logistical and operational advantages which we believe will translate to considerable cost savings on time, labor and space.  We can customize the printing of packaging and customize the rugs for a program to make it reflect the retailer's style or theme," Uysal said.

Detail of the packaging construction.




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