Issue Date: 2015 MARCH, Posted On: 3/23/2015

03232015 Creative Touch to Unveil Ayka Designs at LA Show


Baki Ildiz, principal of Creative Touch, will launch 24 new Ayka Design rugs at The Rug Show in L.A.

NEW YORK - A new licensing collaboration between Ayka Design and Creative Touch will be launched officially at The Rug Show in L.A. March 29 to 31 at the L.A. Convention Center, according to Baki Ildiz, principal of New Jersey-based The Creative Touch. 

"We will display both lines side by side in Los Angeles.  We are very excited to unveil 24 new designs in our partnership with award-winning interior designer K. Michelle Evans at the L.A. show," said Ildiz.

The landscapes and sunsets of South America is the inspiration for Ayka Design Textures collection.

With appointments already booked with key designers and retailers, Ildiz says he is shipping 10 pallets of rugs to the show in L.A.  At his booth at last week's AD Home Design Show, Ildiz displayed new two rugs by the Dubai- and London-based Evans of studio Ayka Design.

Michelle Evans' love of fashion shows in a portrait incorporated in a rug from her City Landscape collection.

Two of the debuting Akya Design rugs, both part of the Textures collection, include Avore , crafted of wool and silk, and Reflections, made from hand-spun silk. Evans launched her first private collection of hand knotted rugs at Domotex2014 in Hannover.  At the 2015 Domotex event, she won the Best Studio Artist Design award for her My Secret Garden rug.  

In addition, Creative Touch will present its Patchwork, Sari Silk and Bamboo Sari Silk collections to designers and retailers at the L.A. show.





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