Issue Date: , Posted On: 8/6/2017

08062017 Kaleen Awarded Newest SA8000 Status For High Standards Of Social Accountability


With its strict adherence to social accountability standards for employees, Kaleen attracts skilled weavers to its manufacturing facilities in India, shown here working on handmade broadloom.

DALTON, Ga. -- Kaleen, which first achieved SA8000 status for its India manufacturing unit in 2013, has been recertified by Social Accountability International after meeting the organization's newest - and higher standard measures under SA 8000:2014.

The SA8000 standard is awarded by Social Accountability International to manufacturers who provide a full program of humane working conditions for employees. As part of the program, Kaleen undergoes biannual surveillance audits. The organization requires recertification every three years.

"Social accountability is very important in India because there has been a lot of bad press over the years in regard to child labor and working conditions," said Blake Dennard, executive vice president, Kaleen. Our facilities provide much better working condition than you typically find in India, and that's why we're getting so many really good employees. People are coming to us looking to work in our factories.

"A lot of factories have struggled to find labor over the last two years, but we've been able to overcome a lot of those problems because the working conditions are so much better in our facility," he continued, noting that social commitment has been a primary focus at Kaleen since the company was founded by Shivkishan Rathi in 1964.

The SA8000 is a set of auditable social certification standards for decent workplaces across all industrial sectors. It is based on conventions of the United Nation's International Labour Organization as well as national laws.

The SA8000 standard spans industry and corporate codes to create a common language for measuring social compliance.

Companies which comply with SA8000 have adopted policies and procedures that protect the basic human rights of workers. The management system supports sustainable implementation of standards for child labor, forced and compulsory labor, health and safety, freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and remuneration.

To date in 2017, Social Accountability International has awarded 153 new certifications, 141 re-certifications and has cancelled or expired 216.

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