Issue Date: 2013 SEPTEMBER, Posted On: 9/9/2013

09092013 Paul Shaper Productions set to Lauch 2014 Woven Treasures Calendar


Woven Treasures 2014 calendar cover

LOS ANGELES – Paul Shaper Productions is finalizing orders for its 2014 Woven Treasures calendar. The promotional rug calendar is customized for rug retailers, cleaners and exhibitions.    

“Calendars are scheduled to be out by the end of September, as customers have requested more time to build a marketing plan that includes web and social media," said Paul Shaper, president of the company.

"To support this development, Shaper now offers free custom calendar displays for web, social media and email.  The retailers/cleaners will then display their calendar on their web, tweets and email inviting prospects to reserve their calendar or to stop by and pick one up."    

The 2014 Woven Treasures advertising rug calendar allows rug retailers and cleaners to have their custom message imprinted on each month. The prices for custom printed calendars range from $2.40 each to $7.50 each, depending on quantity. 





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