Issue Date: 2017 JUNE, Posted On: 6/8/2017

06082017 Momeni Features Jewel & Isabella Collections at Summer Markets
By Lisa Vincenti


Momeni debuts the new delicately-colored Isabella collection at summer markets in Atlanta and Vegas.

ATLANTA -- Momeni, based in New Jersey, will focus July markets in Atlanta and Vegas on two collections, Isabella and Jewel, and also will offer a selection of its one-of-a-kind rugs as well.

 "Our buyers, more than anything else, are on the hunt for trends and the new and different products that will make them stand out," Reza Momeni told RugNews.com. "They're also looking for retail solutions, particularly items that will update their assortments without a huge investment.

The debuting Isabella range features traditional motifs with a delicate, feminine edge in soft pastels. Isabella is machine made from 100 percent polyester with a zero pile zero pile.

The new softly colored Isabella collection from Momeni will debut at summer markets in Atlanta and Vegas.

Jewel is a collection of traditional and offset traditional patterns that uses rich tones contrasted against deep shades of charcoal and denim. This machine made collection is also crafed of 100 percent polypropylene with zero pile.

"We created the Jewel collection with an aim to achieve the look and feel of an authentic handmade rug," added Rachel Fasciani, director of marketing at Momeni. "By utilizing mixed materials in the backing of the rug we were able to give the collection the distressed appearance consumers look for. We also sought to achieve the feel of a true hand woven piece -- to do so we incorporated a very close shearing process in the zero pile so that the hand of the rug is similar to that of  a true handmade piece."

The Jewel collection by Momeni offers the look and feel of handmade rug at a machine-made price.

In addition, Momeni will offer a election of one-of-a-kind (OAK) pieces, following January markets were the company saw peaked sales in its over-dyed OAK selections and show-stopping vintage hunting carpet.


Momeni will offer a selection of one-of-a-kind rugs at summer market, including over-dyed and vintage hunting carpets. Pictured a vintage Pakistani hunting rug.

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