Issue Date: 2017 JULY, Posted On: 7/27/2017

07272017 Kalaty Adds Fifth High-end Hand-Knotted Collection at Las Vegas Market

Kalaty adds new designs to its Soumak collection in Las Vegas, including this eclectic play on tribal motifs (shown SU-486).

HICKSVILLE, N.Y. -- In addition to four new heirloom-quality collection introductions in Atlanta, Kalaty Rug Corporation is adding a fifth high-end hand-knotted collection at the Las Vegas market.

The Oberoi collection joins new collections Grenada, Taos, Torano and Versa (read full story). Additional designs and colors are being added to the Soumak, Elara, Equinox and Lynx collections, as well the licensed Natori Dynasty series by fashion icon and designer Josie Natori.

All of the company's new summer introductions are high-end, hand knotted and include a variety of constructions, textures and patterns ranging from modern takes on traditional motifs to borderless transitional styles to energetic abstract contemporary designs featuring hand-carving and/or unique textural effects.

The newest hand-knotted collection being added to the summer lineup, Oberoi is an heirloom-quality collection of fashion-forward borderless rug designs. Hand knotted using 100% premium hand-spun wool, this timeless collection features classic motifs and patterns that are further enhanced by stylish artisanal erased effects.


A thoroughly modern addition to Kalaty's Soumak collection of double-sided, reversible flatweaves, the new SU-487 merges tribal motifs with the abstract painterly ones.

Newest introductions to existing rug collections:

-2 additions to the Natori Dynasty collection designed by Josie Natori. These hand-knotted 100% premium wool designs are dramatic and transitional in style.

-4 additions to the Equinox collection, which is hand-knotted in the Tibetan weave of Wool/Silkette in modern erased designs with carving.

-3 additions to the Lynx collection hand-knotted in a wool-Silkette combination in modern, borderless patterns.

-4 additions to the double-sided flatweave Soumak collection, hand knotted in a Soumak weave of 100 percent premium wool in eclectic designs.

-2 additions to the Elara collection, which is hand-knotted of wool-Silkette in a loop-and-pile weave of borderless modern carved designs.
Shown for the first time at the July 2017 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings market, Kalaty's bespoke hand-knotted decorative pillow collection will next debut at Las Vegas Market. Designs are based on some of the company's most popular rug motifs.

A closeup of Kalaty's expansive bespoke decorative pillow collection at its Atlanta summer 2017 market premiere. The hand-knotted pillow designs are adapted from the company's high end rug patterns.

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