Issue Date: 2015 MARCH, Posted On: 3/3/2015

03032015 DuPont Wins Award at 2015 World Bio Markets Conference


From the Modern collection by SENS luxury rugs from HBC Bulckaert Belgium, this photo realistic floral rug is crafted with award-winning DuPont Sorona biopolymer fiber.

AMSTERDAM - DuPont was recognized for Sorona biopolymer, a sustainably sourced high-performance fiber with the 2015 Bio Business Award for Bio-Based Technology at the World Bio Markets Conference in Amsterdam. 

Sorona carpet fiber has been credited with revolutionizing the textiles industry by setting new standards for soft, stain-resistant carpets made from renewably sourced polymer.  Rugs and carpets made from Sorona contain 37% renewable plant-based ingredients, use 30% less energy and release 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to commonly used nylon 6.

"As a science company with a long history in the textiles industry, DuPont continues to innovate with technologies like Sorona that allow designers the freedom to be creative without compromising on performance or quality," said Simon Herriott, business director for Biomaterials at DuPont. "With Sorona, everyone benefits."  Among the floor covering brands using Sorona fiber are Mohawk Group for its SmartStrand Silk carpets, HBC Bulckaert of Belgium (producer of SENS luxury rugs) and Godfrey Hirst Carpets of Australia.

With the creation of Sorona, DuPont has made it possible for textile designers, mills and manufacturers to produce the sustainable products that consumers want with the performance benefits they demand. From renewably sourced monomer production, to lower dyeing temperatures to easy care for consumers, the sustainably sourced fiber provides sustainability benefits throughout the value chain.

DuPont Sorona received the 2015 Breakthrough Bio-Based Technology award at the 10th annual World Bio Markets Conference. The conference brought together industrial, academic and policy experts to provide a comprehensive look at the opportunities in the bio-based economy, including end-user markets for renewable fuels, bio-based chemicals and bio-based products.

DuPont has invented nylon, Lycra, Kevlar and developed rayon (the world's first man-made fiber) and other household materials over its 212-year history. But recently, the company has focused its scientists and engineers on a new challenge: creating everyday materials from renewable sources rather than from petroleum.




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