Issue Date: 2010 DECEMBER, Posted On: 12/2/2010

12022010 Wools of New Zealand at Surfaces 2011


MARIETTA, GA – Wools of New Zealand will offer several targeted programs  at Surfaces 2011 under the umbrella of its newly designed exhibit (#2320).  

 Broadloom and rugs displayed on the booth will be part of a new Premier Exclusive program offered to Premier Partner showrooms. Retailers qualifying for Premier Partnership will have access to exclusive styles and six-month lead-time on new introductions from a number of mill partners.

The carpet featured on the Wools of New Zealand booth floor will be from Hagaman Carpet Industries and is another exclusive product for Premier Partners. This carpet, along with all the products available in the Premier Exclusive Program, will be offered with a private label option.

To encourage retailers’ understanding of Wools of New Zealand programs, toy sheep are being awarded.  To earn a sheep, retailers will be asked to answer several questions about the various programs. Answers will be visibly available on the booth, so winning is easy. Retailers also have access to brochures, point-of-sale materials and wool educational tools.

Surrounding the company's booth are 23 mill partners that make up the rest of the Wools of New Zealand brand area. The Wools of New Zealand brand area will be identified with floor stickers and signage, accompanied by maps that will be made available to retailers.

Surfaces 2011 will take place Jan. 25 to 27 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Over the past year, Wools of New Zealand has focused on retail growth, education, promotional programs and LEED compliant initiatives that promote the value of the Wools of New Zealand brand. 2010 programs have included Wool College, Wool Benefit System, Premier Partner Program and Wool: Clean Air Certification.


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