Issue Date: 2010 DECEMBER, Posted On: 11/1/2010

12112010 Holiday Greetings Bud and Lissa Wyman Christmas Letter


Lissa, 42,  and Bud, 89,  enjoy lunch in "Little Odessa," aka Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, August 2010, The menu was in cyrillic, so not a clue what we ate. But it was delicious.

Hi Everyone!

The Wymans have had an eventful year. Much of it fun, all of it interesting.

We were supposed to go to India for a real Monsoon Wedding in July, but unfortunately, Lissa landed in the hospital with double pneumonia in June. Undaunted, we switched plans and went to London and Paris in late September. We stayed in a delightful flat in London owned by Simon and Nancy Jones,  friends from the Coffee House Club in New York.

Bud and Lissa in London with longtime British
friend Renate Miller.

 Took the "chunnel" train first class from London to Paris, where we stayed in a small but elegant hotel off the Champs Elysees. Our concierge  wangled us a couple premium tickets to the new Monet show, where we swept by the peasants standing in line for hours. ("Let them eat cake," as Marie Antoinette would say.)

Oliver Aldrich
Wyman IV
Arrives in June

Soon after Baby O's birth, the Oliver Wyman family (mom Emma, dad Oliver and big sis Ellie,3) decamped from New York City to take up residence in Saugherties, NY, (located near Woodstock  and slightly west of East Jesus). Interesting to see Oliver driving a min-van. Oliver continues to do well with his voice-over work and he is able to work from a studio he built in his home.

The Three Olivers

Son Nicholas Wyman turned 60 this year and his family threw a huge surprise party at Beth and Nick's home in Yonkers, NY.  Later this year, Nick was elected president of Actor's Equity, the actor's union. He has a beautiful office in New York and takes really good trips to exotic places on union business. Bud, of course, tries to insinuate this family factoid into any and all conversations. Daughter Caitlin Wyman, 28, is an assistant buyer in the shoe department at Saks Fifth Ave. How kool is that? Daughter Madeline Wyman, 24, is now in her second year as a kindergarten teacher in the NYC school system. She truly has a vocation and loves her job. Maddy is now living in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Nick goes into rehearsals in early 2011 for the Broadway opening of Catch Me if You Can. (Which we saw at its world premier in Seattle in 2009).

Daughter Meredith Gatschet, 63, continues to live in Stratford, CT, doing free-lance graphic design work.

Lissa's brother Alan, 59, wife Nancy and kids A.C. and Elsa continue to live near Salt Lake City, where they enjoy many outdoor sports and wilderness adventures. Baby brother John turned 50 this year! He is an officer in the Florida prison system. Wife Yvonne is working on her bachelor's degree and kids Brittany and Courtney excel in volleyball and academics. We miss our mother Alice who died 2 1/2 years ago, but we know she would be proud of all of us.

I am writing this on the way home from a week in Delray Beach, FL, where we visited friends and family. Always a delight to see everyone, despite the crummy weather! Florida sons Mike (67) and James (53), along with spouses Kathy and Claudia, continue to do well. It was so much fun to see James and Claudia's kids Gaby (7) and Santi (5) growing up into beautiful (and well-behaved) children.

We also had a delightful annual lunch with Bud's first wife, Marjory Moran, who lives in Pompano Beach, FL.

Grandpa and Grandma Lissa with James' and Claudia's kids Gaby, 7 and Santiago, 5.

Next year, Bud and Marjory will turn 90 within a few weeks of each other. They both look like they've got at least another ten years in them! We hope to have a big family celebration at Bud's club in New York on or around May 13.

The Coffee House Club is a great source of fun and intellectual stimulation for both of us, but especially for Bud. He has lunch there once or twice a week to chat with new friends. Bud also keeps active and mentally alert with long daily walks and frequent trips to New York's great museums.

Meanwhile, Lissa is busybusybusy with the website, Rugnews.com. It's time consuming, but I love it and it's especially satisfying to put my ideas into action. We celebrate our 10th anniversary on Jan 15, 2011.

Speaking of anniversaries, Bud and I celebrated 40 years together in 2010. Wow. We've been officially married for 35 years. We haven't killed each other....yet.

Happy Holidays to All!


Lissa and Bud

AND  Kitty-cats Midnight (older than God) and
 Be-Bop Shabam (3)
(Of course, they couldn't care less)

Lissa and Bud Wyman
155 East 31st St. Apt. 17F
New York, NY 10016

917-770-4303 (cell)



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