Issue Date: 2010 DECEMBER, Posted On: 12/3/2010

12032010 Due Process Diversifies into Mass Market with new FOB Direct Ship Program
By Lissa Wyman




By Lissa Wyman

EDISON, NJ -- Due Process Stable Trading Co., known primarily for its high end programmed and custom rug programs, is entering the mass market channel.

"Our strategy is to use our expertise at the luxury end of the market to develop unique designs for a broader audience," said David Grasse,  president and lead designer for Due Process.

"We have the ability to use constructions and materials that have never been seen before at the mid-market price levels," he said.The rugs will retail approximately in the $500 to $700 range for 5x8 size.

The new FOB direct-ship program is aimed primarily at national furniture and home fashions chains and catalogs.

"Perhaps retailers who have never been in the rug business will also be interested in these programs. As we emerge from the recession, retailers are looking for fresh suppliers and fresh looks. They are open to new ideas," said Grasse.

Constructions, colors and designs will be developed on an exclusive basis for each customer. Samples of potential products  will be shown at the company's  2,285 sq. ft. AmericasMart showroom,  3-D-8/E-8 during the upcoming International Rug Market, Jan. 12 to 16, 2011.

"We will be showing things that no one has seen before at this level," promised Grasse. "We are doing our own blends of wool, and using natural fibers such as hemp, jute and banana silk. We will also be incorporating new weave structures and using combinations of flat-weave and hand-tufted techniques."

The Due Process decision to diversify into mass market may be surprising to some, but Grasse stressed that is's a natural progression for the five year-old company.

"We think its important to diversify but we don't want to affect our core specialty store and luxury business," said Grasse. "Our infrastructure is in place and we have access to resources that can provide customers with large-volume orders  shipped on a direct basis."

While Grasse noted that a high end sensibility will infuse the new division, the products will be unique to the individual retail customers' needs.

"A program such as this is  a collaborative effort between the customer and our staff. Each product will be designed from the ground up," he stressed.

"We will develop FOB products with orders as small as 5,000 sq. ft," he added.

"The company's founding partners have a long history in the mass market. We have the financial strength and expertise to expand in this direction," said Grasse.

Looking forward, more diversification may be on the way for Due Process. "We are now exploring possibilities in the Hospitality/Design contract carpet field," said Grasse.


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