Issue Date: 2010 DECEMBER, Posted On: 12/14/2010

12142010 2011 Dates set for Metro Market, NYICS and ORICA Market


NEW YORK  – The organizers of Metro Market Week, New York International Carpet Show (NYICS) and the ORICA Fall Market have set Sept. 11 to 13 as the 2011 show dates.

Metro Market Week and the ORICA Fall market will take place Sept. 12 to 16, and the New York International Carpet Show (NYICS) will take place Sept. 11 to 13.

Exhibitors at all three locations are in the planning stages of offering visitors market-only specials and incentives while showcasing new programmed handmade and machine-made rugs, one-of-a-kinds and antiques.

At Metro Market Week, participating exhibitors at various venues in New York and New Jersey will invite buyers into their world headquarters and warehouses, to view the most current merchandise from Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan and China. Every price point and every size from scatters to mansion sizes will be available.

The seventh annual NYICS will be held at 7W  New York at 7 W 34th St. Visitors are invited to view high-end style with cutting-edge designs.  The show also invites visitors to ‘Designer Day’, which features high-profile designers in a panel discussion. A free luncheon is available during the show.

At the ORICA Fall Market, visitors to the ORICA building in Secaucus, NJ will be treated to a broad range of exhibitors from luxury to value-priced goods.  ORICA will also host a gala dinner to allow visitors to mingle and network with industry leaders in both the retail and wholesale sectors.

New York Home Fashions Market Week will be held the following week, Sept. 19 to 23. The New York Home Fashions Market, targeted primarily to mass market stores,  was formerly known as the New York Home Textiles Market.


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