Issue Date: 2010 DECEMBER, Posted On: 12/29/2010

12292010 Classic Rug Selected as 2010 British Airways Face of Opportunity Winner


NEW YORK – Barbara Barran, president of Classic Rug Collection, Inc. was selected by British Airways as a 2010 Face-of-Opportunity winner. She has been awarded travel to London, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi to conduct business meetings as well as attend the British Airways Face-of-Opportunity business conference.

“I’m happy that my entry, “Travel to Promote US Exports to the Middle East,” was chosen as one of the winners,” said Barran. “This trip will give me an opportunity to meet new clients in London, revisit potential clients in Dubai, and assess the prospects for business in Abu Dhabi.”

Before taking off, Barran will attend the British Airways Face-of-Opportunity conference in New York City on Feb. 2, 2011 where she will receive free counsel from international business experts while networking with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, media and other small business owners.

The award is part of the British Airways Face-to-Face program, which provides small business owners and entrepreneurs the critical tools for building business relationships abroad and stimulating growth through the power of face- to-face interaction.

Founded by Barbara Barran in 1999, Classic Rug Collection is a high-end custom rug retailer headquartered in New York.



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