Magnificent Carpet Awards Winners


Left to right: AmericasMart exec Kevim Malkiewicz, presented two America's Magnificent Carpet Awards to Kaleen Rugs, the first for the Hand-Hooked/ Hand-Tufted $0-$16 sq. ft. category and the second for Outdoor Rugs. From Kaleen are: Monty Rathi, coo,  Ty Strader, vp of eCommerce & marketing, Prachi Gupta, designer, and Blake Dennard, senior vp.


Ali Chaudhry, sales manager for Michaelian & Kohlberg accepts two awards with sales reps Jennifer Hillyer and Sherrie Lego Round.  M&K won in the Hand-Knotted /Flat Weave category for the $0 to$30 sq. ft. and$50.01 to $100 sq. ft. price points.  


Kashee & Sons accepted the Magnificent Carpet Award for Hand-Knotted /Flat Weave $30.01 to $50 sq. ft. category.  From Kevin Malkiewicz, left are Kashee & Sons execs, Zaheer "Haji" Mughal, general manager, Kashif Aslam, owner of Kashee & Sons and Bob Kriby, executive vp.

Anadol Rug Company execs accept their award for the Hand-Knotted /Flat Weave rug in the $100.01 sq. ft. and above range.


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