At Shaw: Steve Blumkin, center, owner of Outrageous
Rugs in San Diego, with Shaw's Tim Ward, left,
and sales veep Jim Curtin.

At Harounian Rugs International: HRI showroom manager Deodat Jugmohan and company principal Lee Harounian welcome Vlucia Flam, Alejandra Alonso and Arturo Garcia Breton of Flam Rugs, Garzia Garcia, Mexico, near Monterey.

Jeremy Manne of Liora Manne, left, with Jennifer Brash, Full House Home Decor, Vancouver, BC, Canada.Yep, Jeremy is Liora Manne's son. You can tell by the smile.

Bunch of big-wigs from Oriental Weavers. From left: Kim Reynolds, vice president of marketing; Mike Riley, president; Jonathon Witt (He's B-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!), and Sam Belak, vice president of sales. No come-back title yet for Witt. They're still figuring out what to do with him.

Three of our favorite guys, from left: Ralph Long of Momeni; Bud Wyman, founder of The Rug-Hold Co., and Ray Ehsani of Momeni. Ralph was Bud's first Rug-Hold salesman way back in the late 70's, and Ray was then a retailer, one of Ralph's first Rug-Hold customers. Since Bud sold Rug-Hold in 2002, he has served as Chief Purse-Holder for Rugnews.com.

PlinioPagan, sales manager for Masterlooms, left, with boss-man Nasser Rahmanan, president of Masterlooms. The 17,000 sq. ft. showroom on the ground floor of Building 3 is now filled with a completely cross-merchandised selection of rugs, art, blown glass, case goods and upholstered furniture, decorative accessories and art. It's a one-stop shop for the design community. Rug participants include Masterlooms, LR Resources, Peel & Co. and a new domestically-produced line from Steve Roan.

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