Issue Date: 2008 SEPTEMBER, Posted On: 10/17/2008

09112008 Jaipur Nearly Doubles Space at Showplace in HIgh Point


HIGH POINT, NC – Jaipur Rugs, Inc. has nearly doubled its showroom at Showplace here. Located on the third floor is space 3415, the expanded facility measures 2,304 sq. ft. Jaipur formerly occupied a 1,254 sq ft. space at the same location.

The expanded showroom will be ready for the October Home Furnishings Market, October 20 to 24.  

 “With the expansion of our Showplace showroom, we are looking forward to offering a wide selection of styles to our High Point clients. This expansion comes at a key time for Jaipur as we are introducing seven new collections this fall,” said Asha Chaundhary, chief operating officer of Jaipur Rugs, Inc.

In additional to the new collections, Jaipur is also unveiling over 50 new designs in its existing collections of wool, silk, indoor/outdoor and natural fiber rugs.

To celebrate the expanded showroom, Japur will be serving hors d’oeuvres and cocktails daily after 2 p.m. during the October market.

Capstone Showplace Management, LLC manages Showplace, Showplace West and Hamilton Properties, which collectively represents nearly one million sq. ft. of the High Point Market. Showplace makes up 500,000 sq. ft. and is located adjacent to the transportation terminal for the market.  


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