Issue Date: 2011 OCTOBER, Posted On: 10/14/2011

10140211 Jaipur Releases Fall 2011 Product Catalog


Jaipur's new catalog features lifestyle settings
as well as closeup shots.

ATLANTA – Jaipur Rugs, Inc. has released its new 372-page Fall 2011 Product Catalog, according to Jason Moody, creative director at Jaipur.  

The new catalog features over 350 new designs. The product guide is also be available as an online catalog through Jaipur’s website and Facebook page. 

 “Our main focus in development of the catalog and all of our other new communication materials this year has been to create intuitive tools that quickly and easily communicate the full breadth of the line,” said Moody. “Our customers’ feedback has been invaluable in developing some of the book’s new features, which include: color-coded tabs by style, detailed rug construction and care instruction guides, and multiple indices for navigating through the product line.” 

“We want to communicate the Jaipur Lifestyle to our customers,” said Asha Chaudhary, president and chief executive officer of Jaipur Rugs, Inc. “We feel that the design of the piece, as well as the usability and functionality are something unique in the industry. It reflects what Jaipur is all about.”

In addition to the catalog, Jaipur is rolling out a new display program. “Our 18” square Jaipur Designer and 2x3 Jaipur Studio display systems are both compact and thoughtfully designed,” said Josh Roberts, vice president of sales and marketing. “We are enhancing the tools our representatives and designers utilize to assist them in communicating breadth of the collections.”




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