Issue Date: 2015 APRIL, Posted On: 4/28/2015

04282015 Feizy Donates $15,000 to Global Fund for Children


DALLAS, TX - In response to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal, Feizy Rugs is supporting The Global Fund for Children (GFC) with a $15,000 donation, as well as a commitment to provide a portion of the company's sales through May 15th, in an effort to bolster the organization in bringing critical relief to Nepalese children and their families.

"As rug manufacturers, we have worked for decades with the people of Nepal," said John Feizy, CEO of Feizy Rugs. "Helping the children of the world to have a better life has always been a focus at Feizy and we recognize that with a disaster like this, those children need our support now more than ever."

To date, The Global Fund for Children reports they are receiving news of shelter concerns from their grassroots partners in the country. An orphanage served by GFC partner Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal has sustained structural damage, making it unsafe for the children to go inside. According to Bishnu Bhatta, Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal's director, the children of the orphanage have been staying out in the open for the last three days. His organization's office has also been damaged, and he has been staying outside as well.

"Our grassroots partners in Nepal are on the front lines every day, working with children who were already living under fragile circumstances before the earthquake," said Susan Goodell, CEO of The Global Fund for Children. "This generous gift from Feizy Rugs ensures that we can help meet their immediate needs and also contribute to their long-term recovery in the wake of this terrible crisis."

"We are humbled by the enormity of this tragic situation and committed to helping the people of Nepal," said Mr. Feizy. "In addition to our commitment, we are asking that all of our employees, customers and vendors please donate to help aid in the recovery of this beautiful country."

To donate to the The Global Fund for Children in Nepal, click here.

To learn more about how The Global Fund for Children is aiding in this crisis, click here.

Feizy Rugs is a manufacturer of fine hand knotted, hand tufted and fashion-forward machine made rugs. Following a family tradition of four generations, Feizy Rugs has been bringing beauty to room designs and building on the foundation of exceptional quality standards established by company founder and CEO John Feizy in 1973. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Feizy Rugs is a five-time ARTS Award winner and the first and only Oriental rug manufacturer to have been inducted into the Accessories Resource Team's ARTS Awards Hall of Fame.



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