Issue Date: 2018 JULY, Posted On: 7/10/2018

07102018 Kaleen Rolls Out New Collections, Line Extensions for July Markets
By Lisa Vincenti

Kaleen expects the new Rachel Ray Home Agora collection, a hand-tufted line, to become one of the company's best-sellers.

ATLANTA -- The Dalton-based Kaleen is unveiling several new area rug collections and line extensions in its most popular constructions during summer markets beginning in Atlanta, July 11-15. 

The growth in Kaleen's hand-tufted area rug assortment is one factor contributing to the company's record-breaking 2018 sales and its announcement that it is building a new 300,000 manufacturing facility in India (read full story). 

"While we are dipping our toe into machine-made, we have a tremendous amount of customers who depend on us for our hand-tufted product," said Blake Dennard, senior vice president at Kaleen. "We aren't abandoning hand-tufted, hand-knotted and hand-loomed products, and that is helping us continue to grow our numbers. Our customers have even told us that they are counting on us in the hand-tufted categories."

 Kaleen is introducing several new collections as well as adding onto existing popular lines. "We see a completely different customer base in Atlanta and Vegas than we do in High Point, so we do come out with a different product assortment for summer," Dennard said. "We have new collections but also are adding to existing collections. We are working on a line extension in our Chancellor collection, which is hand-tufted of space-dyed wool, with an additional six patterns in that line because it is doing so well.
"We are also expanding our hand-knotted bamboo silk Solitaire product range with eight new patterns. And our new Rachel Ray Home adds Agora, a space-dyed traditional tufted piece that has just been incredible and will be one of the best-selling products that we have come out with in a long time."
Furthermore, the company is growing its assortment of indoor-outdoor area rugs, introducing Minkah and the recently debuted Zocalo, two PET collections crafted in India. "We are bringing some of our outdoor rugs to our India locations, where we are vertically integrated, so we have more control over our service and quality," Dennard explained. The company is also introducing an in-out range called Zuma Beach.
Kaleen's new Alzada collection is hand-tufted of wool in a mix of textures and blended yarns.
Kaleen grows its hand-tufted assortment with the new Alzada, crafted of 100 percent wool from India. Featuring geometric designs, with six styles and color options, in a mix of textures and blended yarns, MSRP is $499 in 5x8.
Kaleen's fast-growing hand-tufted Chancellor collection in space-dyed wool adds new six new styles for summer.
"This collection has been in our line a little over a year now and will soon be a Top 5 collection," Dennard noted.  The hand-tufted in India Chancellor collection is crafted of space-dyed wool yarns and is adding six new styles. MSRP is $499 in 5' x 7'9".
The affordable Lucero collection, an April High Point debut, is cross-tufted with space-dyed wool yarns.
Released during the spring 2018 High Point Market, Lucero is cross-tufted of 100 percent wool. Hand-tufted by artisans in India, the collection features space-dyed yarns that are looped for subtle and sophisticated color varieties. It is available in nine color options with a suggested retail $299 in 5' x 7'6".
Kaleen focuses on fashion in indoor-outdoor designs with the 100 percent PET polyester carved geometric designs of the Minkah collection.
Kaleen is shifting production of its latest indoor-outdoor rugs to its India facility. The new geometric designs of Minkah are hand-loom and hand-carved of PET polyester. MSRP is $299 in 5x8.
Expected to become a Kaleen top-seller is the latest addition to Rachael Ray Home: the Agora collection of hand-tufted wool designs.
Kaleen's Dennard said that he anticipates the latest collection to the company's fast growing Rachael Ray Home license program, Agora, will become a top seller. The Agora collection, with 10 styles and color options, is the fourth collection in the Rachael Ray program. With a loop texture and space-dyed yarns, it is hand-tufted of 100 percent wool in India.  MSRP is $499 in 5' x 7'9".
Kaleen grows its Tibetan-styled Solitaire collection of rugs, hand-woven of bamboo silk.
Kaleen expands the hand-woven Solitaire collection, made of pure bamboo silk. Featuring a high-end Tibetan rug style, this collection, which has been in the Kaleen line for about a year, adds eight styles and color options and has an MSRP of $499 in 5' x 7'9".
Kaleen adds the new Boho inspired, indoor-outdoor Zuma Beach collection.
Kaleen grows its indoor-outdoor assortment with Zuma Beach, a collection of nine styles and color options. Featuring bohemian-inspired designs, the range is made of 100 percent polypropylene in Turkey. MSRP for 5'3" x 7'3" is $99.

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