Issue Date: 2018 SEPTEMBER, Posted On: 9/20/2018

09202018 Dynamic Rugs Revamps NY Showroom, Intros New Qualities for Market Shoppers
By Lisa Vincenti

The Eternal collection, crafted of an innovative space-dyed viscose, makes its official debut in the Dynamic Rugs showroom during New York Home Fashions Market. Shown, Eternal 19

NEW YORK -- Dynamic Rugs updates its 295 Fifth Ave. showroom to make it easier to shop its latest collections, which feature several firsts for the company.

"We are knocking down some of the walls to make more space for racks. And we are adding wooden panels to walls, which is a more practical way to display some of our featured rugs," Anoosha Rouhanian told RugNews.com. "We are also adding LED lighting not only for better and more illuminating lighting, but also for the practical purpose of using less energy."

For New York Home Fashions Market, which runs from Sept. 24-27, Dynamic rugs is showcasing its latest innovative rug collections including the Eternal collection, crafted of space-dyed viscose, which was previewed in Vegas and makes its "big debut" in New York.

"Space dyeing produces a unique coloring effect and we have used this method on polyester but never viscose," said Rouhanian.  "This is a first and we are very excited with the look it has created."

Dynamic Rugs debuts its dense 2-million-point Ruby collection, crafted of viscose and shrink acrylic for a sumptuous sheen.

The company also will showcase its first 2-million point collection called Ruby, with a rich dense pile made of viscose and shrink acrylic. Ruby, in styles ranging from transitional to modern, is designed to appeal to retailers looking for a step up product. In addition, Dynamic Rugs also plans to promote a variety of other 2018 collections to New York audience. 

"Some that we introduced earlier in the year that have already consistently proven themselves as successes, such as Juno, and some that received rave reviews in Vegas (Leda, Icon, and Magnus). And of course, there are new additions to our pre-existing Quartz collection, since it has been an exponentially well-performing collection over the past several years, reliably so."

"With Eternal collection,we've mastered the art of combining fashion colors with distress. We've noticed that, while many of our customers love the concept of fashion colors in theory, in practice, it isn't always great. Sure, fashion colors really pop out on the rack, but speaking practically, they aren't so versatile when it comes to matching them with your home décor."

Dynamic Rugs' Juno, shown 6883, made of soft polypropylene and introduced earlier this, is a consistent winner and will be showcased in New York.

So while customers might love the idea of fuchsias, lavenders, greens and other fashion colors in rugs, they are often reluctant to purchase them. "While these colors may draw a consumer's eye, at the end of the day, fashion colors are difficult to match with furniture and paint -- even if they are theoretically the same color as furniture/paint/accessories, if there's even the slightest variation, it can clash."

The same concept applies to distressed looks, Rouhanian continued, noting that again while consumers might love the look, it often doesn't translate to sales. "If a design looks too distressed, then it looks damaged and old. Similarly, if the distress is too subtle, it may look like an unintentional defect. Essentially, incorporating fashion colors and distressed looks in rugs
is a very delicate and fine art. However, our Eternal collection has managed to do both. The use of fashion colors is just subtle and faded enough where it's not overbearing. Additionally, the distress looks authentic, and flows with the transitional patterns of the rugs -- and its short fringe really adds value to the overall look. It took a lot of back-and-forth collaboration with the factory and we are really proud of this collection."



A new construction for Dynamic Rugs, Eternal uses viscose for its space-dyed yarns. Shown, Eternal 10


Crafted of 100 percent space-dyed viscose, Icon (design 9320 pictured) by Dynamic Rugs offers a new twist in the abstract category.


Dynamic Rugs' Juno rugs are machine-made in Turkey of 100 percent polypropylene. Above, 6881


Leda collection rugs (9864 shown) from Dynamic Rugs are machine made of a blend of viscose and shrink polyester for a textural appeal.



The Magnus collection from Dynamic Rugs, made of viscose with shrink polyester, was a hit in Vegas. Pictured, Magnus 25

Dynamic Rugs' top seller Quartz, featuring a high-end high-low look crafted of viscose with a special form of shrink polyester, adds new designs for New York Home Fashions Market. Shown, 27041

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