Issue Date: 2014 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/10/2014

01022014 Jaipur Makes a Difference in Rural India with Skill Training and Health Camps


ATLANTA, GA – Jaipur Rugs has been working to provide skill training to the people in rural areas of India as well as hosted health camps free of charge, according to N.K. Chaudhary, Jaipur’s founder. 

In  2013, 466 people from various states learned the craft of making hand-knotted rugs as part of skills training. Jaipur says this skill-set provides higher wages and allows artisans a higher level self by allowing the artisans the ability to live more sustained lives in both the financial and the pride in their work.  

“We believe that the best way to develop people is to empower them, thus, Jaipur Rugs has been working to provide skill training to the people in rural areas,” said Chaudhary. 

Health is a very basic need for every individual and it has been Jaipur’s constant endeavor to provide these amenities in rural India. In 2013, Jaipur successfully organized seven Health Camps in different states. These camps were attended by 3,334 beneficiaries from various villages and many medical specialists voluntarily provided free services.  

Taking social responsibility to a new level, Jaipur was awarded The Times of India Social Impact award in 2013. It was awarded by the president of India, Pranab Mukherjee, for all of its efforts in changing the economic landscape in rural India affecting over 40,000 artisans.





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