Issue Date: 2015 MAY, Posted On: 5/4/2015

05042015 Guide to Nepal Charities

The rug industry has reacted swiftly in response to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25.  In response to readers' requests, RugNews.com has compiled a guide to charitable organizations recommended by rug vendors and retailers who have rallied to help weavers directly affected and, in fact, all those in need in Nepal. 

Organizations are listed in alphabetical order with links to donation forms as well as links to RugNews.com articles.

To donate to the American Red Cross, click here.
To donate to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, click here.

The American Red Cross has committed an initial $1 million to the relief operation and is working closely with the Nepal Red Cross and the global Red Cross network to coordinate additional support. The American Red Cross is also providing remote mapping and information management support and is arranging supplies, including non-food items such as tarps, buckets, kitchen sets and blankets to be sent to Nepal. Click here to read the RugNews.com report on Surya's support of this fund.

To donate to AmericaCares, click here.

AmeriCares has established the Nepal Relief Fund to insure the organization has the resources required to respond effectively and quickly to the earthquake in Nepal with medicines, medical supplies and other humanitarian aid for these families in crisis, and continue to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Since 2010, for every $1 donated AmeriCares has provided $20 in aid. It delivers donated medicines and medical supplies to a trusted network of locally-based providers.  ORIA is donating to AmeriCares through its Charitable Fund (see ORIA listing below).

To donate to Care, click here.

CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) staff is on the ground providing people with temporary shelter, ready-to-eat meals, water purification and toilet construction. CARE is also distributing emergency shelter and hygiene kits to vulnerable people impacted by the earthquake in Nepal. CARE has worked in Nepal since 1978, in areas including food Security, HIV/AIDS, health, education, water and sanitation, and the empowerment of women and girls.

To donate to Care & Fair, click here.

CARE & FAIR is an industry initiative of the European carpet trade. It is helping the victims of carpet weaving families in Nepal with a special fund and guarantees that all donations via Förderverein CARE & FAIR and via CARE & FAIR Nepal will reach the destination without any deduction for administrative or other costs. 100 % of contribution will be sent where it is needed most.

To donate to Doctors without Borders, click here.

Daily activities of doctors and nurses providing medical care to victims of the earthquake are posted on the Doctors without Borders website.  The priority is to reach people where others are not going and mobile clinic activities continue via helicopter in remote villages.    

To donate to the Global Fund for Children, click here.

The Global Fund for Children reports they are receiving news of shelter concerns from their grassroots partners in the country. An orphanage served by GFC partner Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal has sustained structural damage, making it unsafe for the children to go inside. The organization is working to meet the needs of children affected and to contribute to their long-term recovery in the wake of the earthquake.  The fund will support local organizations that are directly affected by the Nepal earthquake. Anything raised above and beyond their needs will be reserved to support GFC's grassroots partners in similar crises in the future. 

Click here to read the RugNews.com report on  Feizy Rugs' support of this fund.

To donate to GoodWeave, click here.

GoodWeave is an organization that works to certify child-labor-free rugs. They have set up a relief fund to address the immediate needs of weaving families and the children in the organization's rehabilitation center and schools in Nepal with food, shelter, medical care, and other necessities - ensuring that the organization's community of about 16,000 people receive the support they need;

GoodWeave says it will also rebuild its program infrastructure to ensure schooling for 785 children isn't interrupted for an extended period. It will also support carpet exporters in rebuilding infrastructure, a critical long-term economic recovery need for the Nepal's top export sector.

To donate to Machik, click here.

Machik's ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood is a grass-roots effort to support artisans from inaccessible villages in remote Nepal.  Their aid is going to the Nepalese who live outside of Kathmandu but work in and are now stuck in the city away from their families. Funds are going to relieve the post-disaster stress in Kathmandu by helping these people return home to help rebuild their villages. This fund is supported by Stark Carpet. Please write "Stark" or "ACHA" in the comments text box to ensure your funds go directly to Machik's ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood.

To donate to the Nepal Burn Center, click here.

The Nepal Cleft and Burn Center, founded 2002 by The Tibet Rug Company's Jim Webber with the support of other rug importers and private donors, operates a 16,000-foot hospital in Nepal.  The Center and its medical staff will provide medical services to victims throughout the Nepal earthquake recovery period. Organizations such as ORIA are donating to this hospital (see below). 

To donate to ORIA, click here.

The Oriental Rug Importers Association (ORIA) has reached out to several members who have operations set up in Nepal to assess how the association can help people devastated by the earthquake. "We will collect money through the ORIA Charitable Fund, and all monies collected will go directly to organizations such as the Nepal Burn & Cleft Center - with funds specifically earmarked for earthquake victims - and to AmeriCares, Step Label and Care & Fair Nepal and other such organization which will deal with the immediate needs of the earthquake victims," said Lucille Laufer, executive director of ORIA.

Click here to read the RugNews.com report on Capel Rugs' support of ORIA's Charitable Fund.

Click here to read the RugNews.com report on Nourison's support of ORIA's Charitable Fund.

To donate to the Phoenix Fund, click here.

The Phoenix Fund for Nepal Relief has been established by Tamarian Carpets, and is ready to receive donations. The company is in the process of applying for recognition of exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. The fund’s mission statement is: The Phoenix Fund for Nepal Relief is a 501c3 dedicated solely to the aid and recovery mission of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. One hundred percent (100%) of all donations will be distributed directly to the Nepali people in need. Over the course of the coming months, Tamarian will keep donors fully updated in regard to the Phoenix Fund's activities. To view the updates, click here

To donate to STEP, click here.

Label STEP is raising a fund to help the carpet weavers and workers affected by the disaster. Label STEP and its Nepali Team will ensure that your donation will benefit the earthquake victims to the full extent

Label STEP is committed to improving the working and living conditions of carpet weavers and fights abusive child labor. It also promotes environmentally friendly production methods in Nepal and other carpet weaving countries.




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