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RugNews.com is the pioneer in online news coverage of rug vendors and retailers. Be seen in the industry's go-to source for comprehensive coverage and breaking news through a choice of advertising and sponsorships.

All ads appear on all pages. Ads click through to the sponsor's website or preferred link and can be static JPEG or motion GIF formats (as noted).

RugNews.com can provide graphic design and production services to help you create your ad. Contact us for pricing.

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Leaderboard Banners
The five Leaderboard Banners sit atop the home page and every page of RugNews.com.
Campaign Minimum: 12 months.
Cost per 410 by 85 pixel JPEG or GIF ad: $900/month.
Low Top Rotating Banner
The Low Top Rotating banner offers a premium position at an afford-able rate. Your ad rotates with other sponsors' ads continuously and the order of appearance changes with each page load.
Cost per 410 by 85 pixel JPEG or *GIF ad: $600 per month for 12-months, $800 per month for six months, $1,000 per month for month-to-month. *GIF limited to a maximum of 12 seconds
Box Ad
The two Box Ad positions left and right under the navigation bar offer high visibility in a square format.
Campaign minimum: 12 months.
Cost per 175 by 175 pixel JPEG or GIF ad: $800 per month.
Tower Ads
The 14 stand-alone tower ads are positioned directly under Box ads. There are 3 left hand ads and 7 right hand ad positions offered.
Campaign minimum: 12 months.
Cost per 175 by 450 pixel JPEG or GIF ad: $700 per month.
Footer Banner
The Footer Banner ad is found at the bottom of the screen.
Cost per 410 by 85 pixel JPEG or GIF ad is $300 per month for 6-months; $400 per month for month-to-month.
  NEW! E-Mail Campaigns & Sponsored Messages:
Weekly executive summary newsletters and breaking news e-blasts with sponsored messages give your brand important exposure with our entire email list of rug professionals.

Contact us for options and quotes on custom messaging with an editorial slant that will resonate with your target audience.

Carol Tisch
(941) 929-9430

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