Issue Date: 2019 FEBRUARY, Posted On: 2/7/2019

02072019 Winning Streak: New Rug Showrooms Up the Ante at Las Vegas Market
By Carol Tisch

Clockwise from top left: Orian's new Palmetto Living, Dalyn, F.J. Kashanian, Chandra and Karastan are among the area rug vendors celebrating new or expanded showrooms.

LAS VEGAS  -- Gaining a stronger foothold at IMC shows, the area rug category generated even more excitement at Las Vegas Market with eight new and expanded showrooms debuting at the January 2019 edition.

A flurry of ribbon cuttings in all three World Market Center buildings kicked off a strong winter market for area rug exhibitors, who delivered a dynamic, top-notch shopping experience for retailers and designers alike.
Orian introduced Las Vegas shoppers to its new Palmetto Living brand with a larger space and a complete graphic identity metamorphosis complementing a higher-end product assortment. The entire showroom was branded as Palmetto Living, with a new logo and sophisticated navy and white color scheme. "Orian is addressing the needs of the furniture industry and specialty business seeking mid-priced goods, and the response was great," said Brandon Culpepper, chief revenue officer, Orian.

Orian's new Palmetto Living brand debuted in space B362 at Las Vegas Market and introduced shoppers to the company's new higher-end area rugs.
"We've doubled our space and we're so excited about our new showroom," said Brian Vander Werf, regional VP for Dalyn Rug Corp. "We've got a lot more visual stimulation going on with big screen TVs with previews of our new website. We've got videos of our new mission statement -- it's great because we're telling people what Dalyn is all about."

First-time exhibitor Mois Refoua of Caravan Rug went all out with a huge showroom with silk and bamboo silk yarns adding shimmer to rugs displayed museum style throughout the space. Asked about the glamorous look, Refoua quipped, "We are a glamorous business; our rugs make a home more glamorous." On a more serious note he added, "Las Vegas works very well for us logistically because we are based in California; we think it is a growing market for the trade."
Joseph Mastour of Mastour, also known for a sophisticated contemporary look, said he was pleased with traffic in his new location. "We work hard in advance setting up appointments before the show: We see a lot of Chinese and Russian accounts in Vegas, but our appointments are also with buyers from all over the country."


Palmetto Living, a specialty retail brand by Orian, debuts in space B362 at Las Vegas Market.  Celebrating (front row) are Suzy Berry, Lisa Brickman, Maria Metropoules-Ward, Trish Vandagriff, Rob Merritt and Julie Weaver. Back row, Dereck Townsend, Terry Foltz, Kevin Baumann, Kathy Sugg, Mandy Kordsmeier, Kirt Moss, Morgan DeBrew, Paul Crump, Dave Matamoros, Scott Miller and David Appelt.

Asked about the buzz generated by the new Palmetto Living brand and the steady stream of traffic stopping by to check out the new Building B showroom, Orian's Culpepper told RugNews.com: " When you do something new, people want to see what it is, but the challenge is to be able to explain it in a way that shows you're binging them value. Palmetto Living represents new product that Orian has never had: a domestically made product assortment that is higher-end. It's a different business for Orian."


At Chandra's glamorous new C512 showroom, Scott Eckman of IMC officiates with Chandra's  Ravi Tiwari, Valsa Tiwari, Puneet Mahajan, Maya Tiwari, Chandra Tiwari (cutting the ribbon), Shashi Tiwari, and IMC's Kevin Malkiewicz.
A jaw-dropping new showroom brought lots of attention to Chandra this market. "We saw a double digit growth in foot traffic," said Ravi Tiwari, vice president. "We moved because we wanted to be in a more accessible location that made it easier for our customers to find us, and sales increases in the last few years afforded us the opportunity to make the move," he explained.
"Customers loved our new space and absolutely loved our light tunnel entrance.  It was very easy for them to find as we are now located right at the atrium.  It's certainly nice to have a showroom that reflects the design of our products, and we look forward to serving our current and future customers there," Tiwari said. Chandra sees furniture stores, rug stores, designers and online customers in Las Vegas, and typically introduces 40 rugs each market.
Chandra's handcrafted solid ash shuffle board (foreground) looks like a piece of sculpture in striking contrast to the company's richly textured area rugs.

Dalyn expands its Las Vegas Market showroom and the grand opening is celebrated by Stacey Watkins of IMC, Dalyn's regional vice presidents, Brian Vande rWerf and Ronnie Jaffar, CEO David Adams cutting the ribbon, and Dalyn regional vp Kibbe Waters with Kevin Malkiewicz of IMC.
Dalyn's new showroom has twice the space to display its programmed rugs and popular custom fabricated rug program, and the new footprint made room to showcase an increasing lineup of diverse offerings. The Lapama division's hospitality rugs were on show in Las Vegas, which is convenient for serious hotel designers and specifiers. Also new was a section devoted to Luxury Sports Rugs, a distinct new company in the collegiate sports licensing business. In addition, Dalyn introduced customers to its newly redesigned website, and product introductions on a large screen monitors.

The entrance to Dalyn's new Las Vegas Market spotlights the show stopping Formations collection of rugs inspired by natural geodes. Shown from left, Geode and Agate. 


Karastan expands its C312 showroom with enough space to add three 8x10 racks and more vignettes throughout.  Celebrating are Kevin Malkiewicz of IMC, with Karastan's Erika Banks, Rocky Casteel, Tracy Pruitt, Bart Hill, and Kelly Moore with Gigi Borgna of IMC holding the ribbon.

Karastan cemented its position in the West Coast specialty market with a spacious showroom expansion at the January 2019 event, along with a Scott Living Home collection that doubled in size. But the piece de resistance was a grand opening party with Jonathan and Drew Scott, the celebs behind HGTV's Property Brothers, at a meet and greet with customers (read story).

Karastan introduced Vegas market-goers to its expanded showroom that highlighted its new Scott Living program, which doubled in size at the winter market.


At the new Unique Loom Las Vegas Market showroom, B424, IMC's Rhonda Jackson looks on as Adeleh Nassri of Unique Loom (second left) cuts the ribbon while actress and (at right) designer Jane Seymour, Jalal Nassri, Serdar Baytar and the Unique Loom staff join the celebration.
Unique Loom's trade program director, Justin Lopez, said the company's decision to show in Vegas was strategic. "It's in line with our growth plans and increased focus on our trade clients.  This market is a great opportunity for us to connect with our clients and show them new products." The Las Vegas debut follows Unique Loom's ribbon cutting at its first High Point showroom last fall. "Clients have come to expect their largest vendors to show at market, so it was a natural move for us," Lopez said.
Unique Loom presents its programmed and vintage, and new one of a kind rugs at its inaugural World Market Center showroom in Las Vegas. 

Jonathan Kashanian cuts the ribbon at F. J. Kashanian's inaugural Las Vegas showroom,C392. With him (from left): Gigi Borgna and Janet Lassiter of IMC, John Murse, Lucy Murse and Jesse Murse of Rugs as Art, Gilda Kashanian, Jessica Hill and Kevin Malkiewicz of IMC.
Recent changes at Las Vegas Market influenced F.J. Kashanian's decision to take a permanent space. "We've been noticing that a lot of our good clients that we see in Atlanta and High Point have started going to Vegas. To be sure that we stay in front of those clients, and to keep our footprint in all important buying centers, we found a small space to help increase our West Coast representation. We're testing the waters and will see how it goes."
Known for colorful new traditional and transitional hand-knotted rugs, F.J. Kashanian launched a selection of more contemporary designs with a West Coast vibe (shown hanging) for Las Vegas Market.


Mois Refoua founder of Caravan Rug does the honors, and his staff manning the new showroom C364 gets in on the celebration, including managing director Jay Nehouray of Caravan on his right. Lauren and Shea Dunigan of FloorDesign in San Francisco (front row), as customers join the festivities. 
Although equally well known for its modern and traditional designs (both new and antique), Caravan focused its Las Vegas premiere on modern designs in shimmering neutral tones, with occasional pops of color. The company launched its Hess collection with full rug presentations of the marble-inspired Onyx design, Dream and Bella. 

Shimmering silk and bamboo silk touches add glamour to neutral silver, white and black rugs at the dramatic Caravan showroom.  


Joseph Mastour of MASTOUR Est. 1890 cuts the ribbon for the company's new Las Vegas Market showroom, C458B. 

Exhibiting at Las Vegas Market for the past six years, Joseph Mastour says, "We always do great at shows because we make our own appointments with buyers and designers beforehand. Shows are a big part of our marketing program." 

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