Issue Date: 2014 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/4/2014

01022014 Jaipur Joins Forces with Designer Jenny Jones to Educate Women of India


ATLANTA, GA – Jaipur Rugs, in support with designer Jenny Jones began a program in 2010 with the objective to provide a certain level of functional literacy among rural women of India to instill a sense of self-confidence in them, according to Jaipur Rugs. 

Jaipur founded its mission on interlacing socially sustainable and scalable manufacturing to a foundation built on solid principles with a supply chain linking one side of the world to another. Joined together from its headquarters in India to its distribution center in Georgia they move forward as a global brand connecting consumers around the globe.  

Jaipur is represented to over 40,000 artisans in their network of craftsman through jaipurrugs.org. The 5th phase of the 6 month long program was conducted this year where 18 women from different villages were trained and developed to provide education to an additional 337 women across these villages in the last 6 months of 2013.

Thousands of women (upwards of 3,000) have been educated in this program since its inception and with the support their designer Jenny Jones and soon others; Jaipur will be able to reach for bigger goals of increasing the number of women everyday who can read and in turn teach their children, their families, and neighbors this overlooked skill where it’s needed most.   





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