Issue Date: 2019 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/27/2019

01272019 Feizy Unveils 13 Collections, Trend Vignettes at Las Vegas Market

Luxe Revival and Color Maximalism, two key trends identified by Feizy designers, is front and center at the rug maker's showroom, a must-see at Las Vegas Market. 
LAS VEGAS -- When Las Vegas Market officially opens today designers and retailers will find a reimagined showroom and easy-to-shop vignettes showcasing designs from 13 new trend-focused collections built on coordinating color palettes.

In addition to premiering these new luxury and lifestyle collections, the company will add new designs to several best-selling collections. The debuting designs focus on 10 key trends identified for 2019, also to be introduced this market.
"Feizy has made some major investments in technology that will really be working for our customers in 2019," said Cameron Feizy, principal. "We've deepened our commitment to providing educational insight about our products, interior design trends and the industry as a whole.  We see our customers as partners, want to make it easy to do business with us, and want them to count on us to bring insightful and dependable trend research to them to bolster their success.  We are excited to bring this to Las Vegas Market."

Cadiz by Feizy is power-loomed to recreate the look of the company's OAK hand-knotted rugs. 

To that point, he said Feizy is constantly looking to create innovative construction techniques that harness the quality of handmade rugs in the accessibility and price point of a machine-made.  The Cadiz Collection, for instance, is power-loomed using a 2-million point technique. Inspired by Feizy's finest one-of-a-kind hand-knotted rugs, Cadiz brings intricate design details and elevated execution to a price point that makes luxury accessible to all. The seamless color gradients and fiber combinations create a soft-hand in elegant, approachable color palettes that are easy to decorate with.

Feizy's vibrantly colored Gemma Collection is hand-knotted in viscose and wool pile.

Feizy designers see Color Maximalism as a much needed contrast to low key Scandinavian minimalism. In this trend vibrant hues, experiential textures, and vivid patterns combine to create an eccentric eclecticism. Starting with bold paint colors and floor coverings, this aesthetic demands a striking rug. The new Gemma collection satisfies the need with its palette of opulent berry and  blue tones accentuated by a luxurious hand-knotted viscose and wool pile. 


Lyra collection by Feizy recalls the symmetrical motifs of Art Deco design.

Meticulous, decadent details create delineated, symmetrical motifs in Feizy's Art Deco trend mirror the glamour and pizzazz of the roaring 20's. Where once limited to furniture, fixtures and architecture, the bold geometrics of Art Deco are now reinterpreted in the dynamic Lyra collection, adding drama and balance to a space in approachable color palettes like charcoal and beige. Hand-knotted in a premium, pure wool pile, this luxurious collection lends an aristocratic air.


Feizy adds to its popular Dalia collection for winter markets. 

Classic color palettes contrast strikingly with plush textiles, crystal fixtures, and heavy metallics for a refined opulence that alludes to a royal revival. Every detail of this décor style is thoughtfully curated for an almost-understated flamboyance that expresses exquisite indulgence from the rug to the chandelier. Mimicking this sophisticated style, Feizy is adding to its luxury Dalia collection, showcasing graceful new designs in effortless color palettes. 

About Feizy Rugs
Feizy Rugs is one of the country's largest manufacturers of fine hand-knotted, hand-tufted and power-loomed rugs, providing luxury at any price. Embracing a family tradition of four generations, Feizy Rugs brings beauty to interior designs by building on the exceptional quality standards established in 1973 by company founder and CEO John Feizy. Feizy Rugs is a five-time ARTS Award winner and the first rug manufacturer to have been inducted into the Accessories Resource Team's ARTS Awards Hall of Fame.

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