Issue Date: 2012 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/24/2012

01042012 Robb sand Stucky to Open Under New Ownership


FORT MYERS, FL – Robb & Stucky International has opened a new 60,000 sq. ft. design studio and retail showroom here, according to Steven Lush, president of Robb & Stucky.

"This is a new beginning for a great retail brand," said Lush. Since the acquisition of the Robb & Stucky name and intellectual properties in March 2011, Lush said the focus has been on restoring the brand equities inherent in the Robb & Stucky name. 

"We are reinventing Robb & Stucky with a great team and smart strategies that are relevant for today's consumers. We have hired many of the employees that made a significant contribution to the previous Robb & Stucky, and have also brought in several key executives from outside the former company to bring a fresh perspective. We look forward to creating many more jobs as our growth continues," he added. 

"As consumers ourselves and business people too, it's our view that the historic economic events of the last few years have changed the way people shop and buy furniture. Home is still the center of our personal universe; we are fortunate to be in a category that will always be important to consumers. The challenge is to ensure that Robb & Stucky meets consumer needs and expectations," explained Lush.  

Robb & Stucky was founded in 1915 by Virgil Robb and W.R. Lee. Harry Stucky joined the company in 1917 and the company formally became Robb & Stucky in 1925. Today the company is owned by the family of Samuel Kuo, founder and chief executive officer of Samson Holding.




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