Issue Date: 2014 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/8/2014

01022014 Jaipur Partners with Designer Lourdes Sanchez to Create New Collection


ATLANTA, GA – Jaipur has signed on artist/designer Lourdes (Luli) Sanchez who is known for her over scaled watercolor paintings.  The new collection will be showcased in Jaipur’s AmericasMart showroom 3-C-15 during the Atlanta International Area Rug Market, January 8 to 11, according to Jaipur’s president and chief executive officer, Asha Chaudhary.  

“We are in love with Sanchez’ work, it’s fun, vibrant and brings a fresh take on typical rug design. I’m pleased to showcase her work in the new medium and know that designers and buyers alike are ready for this kind of freshness to pattern,” said Chaudhary. 

Jaipur is also showcasing a few hundred new designs in rugs, pillows and poufs as a prelaunch to its next catalog. A representative from Jaipur’s design team said “We like to show our customers what’s coming up, and since we are at the shows we get to talk with buyers and get their feedback. It’s great to get live reactions before our catalog launches.”  

Jaipur will host daily lunch at noon as well as daily cocktails, starting at 4 p.m. 





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