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02282018 The Stars of Domotex - People, Products & Trends 2018, Part 2
By Carol Tisch

HANNOVER, Germany -- The 2018 edition of Domotex, the international floor covering fair held here in January each year, lived up to its reputation as a celebration of the best and the new in area rugs worldwide. The range and variety of rugs on display offered quality products for every level of the market -- and an insider's view of trends to come.

In Part 2 of our exclusive coverage of the Domotex show, we tour the stands of companies Mc Three Group through Zollanvari. For Part 1, which covers Ariana through M.A.Trading/MAT, click here.

Mc Three Group - Orian

Rob Merritt, president of Orian Rugs in Anderson, S.C. with parent company execs, Sophia Vanwynsberghe and Matthias Page of Mc Three Group at Domotex 2018.

Part of the international Mc Three Group -- which also includes Mc Three Carpets (Belgium) and Sofiteks Carpets (Turkey) -- Orian Rugs of Anderson, S.C., previewed new designs from its popular Carolina Wild, Symphony, Next Generation and Bohemian collections at Domotex 2018.

"Rugs that are produced by Orian in the U.S., but sold to European customers are sold through Mc Three," Rob Merritt, president of Orian Rugs told RugNews.com at the fair. Although the product lines, color palettes and designs are different between the brands, European styling is an asset to Orian's Canadian business, Merritt explained. "We are responsible North America -- not just the U.S. -- and the Canadian market is much more in line with Europe." 


At Domotex, Obeetee's Angelique Dhama, chief marketing officer, Gaurav Sharma, managing director, and Anu Gupta, chief creative officer, pose in front of Ikat collection wool and silk rugs from the Boho Shop concept.

Obeetee innovated with the launch of a new merchandising concept featuring four themed lifestyle shops: Boho, Hip, Found Rug and Biophilia (read full story).

"Obeetee does the whole spectrum of products in handmade, from 50 cents a square foot to $100 a square foot. In terms of our categories, we do hand woven, hand knotted, and hand tufted," explained Angelique Dhama, chief marketing officer for the company.

The new lifestyle shops include rugs from multiple collections, and from top to bottom in price point, Dhama said. "The idea is display a range of collections within each shop, because the theme is what has to appeal to you. It's not about a construction or a single product. We want to show we can give a handmade product that will suit you, and that we have something for everyone."

Obeetee introduces four lifestyle trend categories for 2018 at Domotex, including the Hip Shop illustrated here with the Saar collection designs Sadia, hand knotted in tri-color natural wool, and Ghana, in jute.

Oriental Weavers

Jonathan Witt, president of Oriental Weavers USA, and Mohamed Farid Khamis, chairman and founder, Oriental Weavers Group, pose in front of two designs from the Pharaoh collection of rugs introduced at Domotex.

Oriental Weavers Group successfully relocated to Hall 5 at this year's newly reconfigured Domotex fair, and once more showcased its vast capabilities in exhibit spaces creating a commanding 30,000-foot exhibition space, with dramatic Pharaonic-themed stand architecture.
Based in Cairo with international business groups including Oriental Weavers USA in Dalton, Georgia, OW showcased new designs across all its categories (woven, tufted, printed, felt, utility and hospitality). The company used Domotex 2018 as a platform to introduce the Pharaoh collection by Dr. Zahi Hawass, an Egyptian archaeologist, Egyptologist and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs in Egypt.

Oriental Weavers Group shows off its printing capabilities to buyers inside, and to passersby with a giant photo realistic carpet on exterior walls of one of it busy showrooms at Domotex 2018.

Rug & Kilim

Father and son, Josh and Cyrus Nazmiyal of Rug & Kilim, stand amid rugs from their growing Scandinavian flatweave collection, and also the debuting Color of Texture line.

Rug & Kilim introduced a new collection called the Color of Texture for the 2018 Hannover fair, which according to founder Josh Nazmiyal is the beginning of a new branch in the company's offerings. "These are really those nothing rugs that look rich because of the texture. This is a new part of our business that is going to grow for us -- we are going to do a lot of different textures," Nazmiyal said, noting that the rugs are woven in India with a mix of four different yarns.

R & K also previewed a new iteration of its popular Scandinavian flatweaves -- this time a Scandinavian Pile collection. "It's the next generation of Scandinavian, in preparation for a full launch of 35 rugs at the spring Rug Show at High Point Market." Nazmiyal told RugNews.com the company wrote more business at the 2018 Domotex show than it did in 2017. "We are very happy," he said.

An array of Nordic designs reinterpreted from the 1960s is now added to a Scandinavian Pile collection, which NYC's Rug & Kilim previewed at its exhibit stand in Hall 9 at Domotex 2018.

Rug Star

Jurgen Dahlmanns introduces his luxury tufted line to Domotex visitors in a show-stopping wall of samples representing Rug Star's best-selling hand-knotted designs.

Rug Star by Jurgen Dahlmanns previewed eye-popping colors and designs for 2018 in its hand-knotted production at Domotex, which as always drew designers and retailers to its stand non-stop throughout the four-day event. But the trend-setting Dahlmanns is placing heavy emphasis this year on its Tuft collections, including the Water Earth Air series, and the just introduced Signature collection targeting the hospitality and contract markets (read full story).

In the hand-knotted category, both the company's Persian designs produced in India and the colorful contemporary looks of Rug Star's Nepalese production were equally popular with show shoppers.

Awash in bold, vibrant color, the Rug Star by Jurgen Dahlmanns exhibit stand is always a Hannover crowd-pleaser.

Samad Brothers with Eko Hali

Zeki Yucel of Eko Hali, Samad Brothers' supplier in Turkey, David Samad, and Nicole Samad of Samad Brothers in New York. Shown, Nirvana Couture Enchantment in light blue and copper.

"The theme here is handloom," said David Samad of Samad Brothers. Sharing exhibit space with its Istanbul-based supplier Eko Hali, Samad launched its new Nirvana Couture collection. "We introduced the Nirvana collection at the Rug Show New York, and we've now introduced Nirvana Couture in more involved, intricate designs. It has been extremely well received. We're very happy.

"Nirvana Couture is a loom-made, hand-finished rug of 100 percent wool with bamboo silk touches. Basically, they're Wilton carpets made on old face-to-face Wilton machines. The big difference is that once the carpets have come through the Wilton machine, they are hand sheared, hand washed, and completely hand finished. The whole process takes almost six weeks because there is so much work going into the carpets."

Samad worked with manufacturing partner Eko Hali to create the Nirvana Couture collection of loom-made rugs that "behave like hand-knotteds." Shown, the Peace Black design, a paisley ikat.

Saraswati Global

Hasan Jafri of Dover Rug & Home in Massachusetts, Raj Choudhary of Saraswati Global, Mahmud Jafri and Yash Bothra with Dover Rug & Home get early bird picks at the Hannover fair.

One of the busiest exhibit stands at Domotex, Saraswati Global based in Jaipur, India, hosted an international coterie of visitors, all after its newest textured abstract hand-knotted designs. Buyers flipped through stacks of rugs from popular collections, with Zenith among the best-selling lines at the show. The line is hand knotted of raw, handspun wool and exotic raw and hand-carved silk to create the appearance of movement of colors in expressionistic art.

Mesrop Darian and Sarkis Tatosian of Oscar Isberian Rugs in Illinois with Mahesh Choudhary at the Saraswati Global booth and Oscar Tatosian of Oscar Isberian Rugs.


Nikki Kapoor, Nikhil Kapoor and Arun Kapoor show off a design from the Ottoman Kilim collection in 100 percent silk at Domotex 2018.

Tissage showcased its Ottoman Kilim collection to rave reviews, with Domotex visitors particularly impressed with the new weaving technique used to create a more substantial look. According to Nikhil Kapoor, creative director, "It's a flat weave, but we use what we call a cross-stitch that makes it very different from anything out there in the market. If you look at it, it almost looks like a pile."

Kapoor added, "Domotex is an important show for us. We've been doing it for about seven years and we are pleased with the traffic this year."

Tissage works its magic with 100 percent silk in this hand-knotted rug from the Ottoman collection.

Wool and Silk

Erbil Tezcan and son Anka Tezcan pose in front of the cloud-like abstract Reverie rug, in watercolor pastel tones - a hit at the Wool and Silk stand at Domotex 2018.

Wool and Silk showed a new cloud-like direction to its abstract designs, ranging from a neutral beige rug called Fossil, to the dreamy pastel Reverie, and the dramatic Sinasos in beige and rust.

Designer Erbil Tezcan next takes a completely different turn with Crossroads, a design inspired by needlework. "My father took that as inspiration, and played with the colors," said Anka Tezcan at the Wool and Silk stand. "It's been received very well.

"What's interesting is that all of these new designs have inspiration from different places," he continued, "one from needlework, one from a fossil and another from an abstract painting. It's nice to talk about. When people come in, they appreciate the stories about each rug. They want to know where the idea came from. It's awesome."

Domotex shoppers stopping by the Wool and Silk stand appreciated the stories behind each design. Shown is Fossil.


In front of the new Snakeskin 1 from Zollanvari's Gabbehs Flora & Fauna collection are Hamid Zollanvari, Bahman Bahmanpour and Farahnaz Farahani of Rugs Direct in Auckland, New Zealand with Zollanvari's Sanjay Purohit and Reza Zollanvari. The rug was nominated for Best Modern Design Superior at the Carpet Design Awards.

The Anar collection was prominently displayed at Zollanvari's Domotex booth, paying homage to the pomegranate in designs inspired by childhood memories of the husband and wife team Amir Kolahdouzian and Hamideh Jafari of NOV24. Each Anar pattern is hand knotted of highland wool with silk highlights and part of the Designer Isfahan series (read full story). 

Zollanvari also gives animal pelts center stage with Snakeskin 1, Red Panther and Blue Tiger among its Hannover introductions. All part of the rug maker's Gabbehs Flora & Fauna collection, this grouping transforms classic textile into contemporary carpets in combinations of fashion colors from pastels to bold primary tones.

Amir Kolahdouzian of design studio NOV24 in Vienna, which designed the Anar (pomegranate) collection for Zollanvari, poses with the Shakhe Anar Poshte Panjere rug in highland wool with extensive silk highlights.

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