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07172015 Trendcast by Rugnews.com: Design Intelligence for the Rug Industry


RugNews.com's new trend forecasting editorial service announces Trendcast 02: Rorschach Revival, insight into the re-emergence of ink blot designs in interior textiles, rugs and couture fashions. From Andy Warhol prints and Doris Leslie Blau rugs by Eskayel, to newly introduced designs by Lindstrom Rugs and Emma Gardner, these mind-bending looks are conversation starters. Read more.

Lindstrom Rugs

Eric Lindstrom of California-based Lindstrom Rugs unveiled his Inkblot Collection of eight designs inspired by the Rorschach psychology test at ICFF in New York, in May, 2015, and had visitors talking. In fact, the five-year-old boutique rug maker won the editor's choice award at ICFF in the carpet and flooring category (which includes area rugs).  Up for interpretation by the viewer, the Tibetan rugs are hand-knotted in wool in Nepal of 100 knots per square inch, and come standard in shades of black, gray and white, though custom colors and yarn choices are available.

Rug from the new Inkblot Collection by Lindstrom Rugs introduced at ICFF in May.


One of eight designs in Lindstrom Rugs' new Rorschach-inspired collection.


Emma Gardner Designs

Designer Emma C. Gardner's made-to-order rug label, emma gardner design introduced Subconscious this spring, a dynamic design featuring a pool of color glimpsed through a Rorschach-inspired cut-out. The wool is carved higher than the concentric coils of gold tone silks, hinting at, but not entirely revealing all that goes on below the surface. Hand-knotted in Nepal using Tibetan wool and pure Chinese silk, standard construction is 100 knots per inch. Retail pricing is $107.25 - $136.40 per square foot.

The wool and silk Subconscious rug by emma gardner design in Ink, crafted in Nepal.

"The perfect symbol for the subjectivity of human perception, ink blots also produce compelling and often beautiful shapes," said Emma Gardner, principal and creative director, emma gardner design. "I wanted to make one myself and couple it with another notion I am very drawn to, layers."

Subconscious is available in two color ways: Treasure, which combines soft gray wool with gold tone swirls of silk, and Ink, a near-black rug with bluey-purples, cream and a splash of tangerine.

Subconscious by emma gardner design in the Treasure colorway.

Full sized rugs will be making a national tour to give interior designers and trade buyers an opportunity to see the rug in person. The first stop will be in New York at Patterson, Flynn & Martin where the rugs are currently on display. Other confirmed stops include Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago.

Catherine Willet

Brooklyn-based artist Catherine Willett's thought-provoking textile designs for the Rorschach Loveseat were part of a special collaboration with furniture designer Norman Cramer.  Willett has additional inkblot designs in her pillow collection.

Norman Cramer's Rorschach Loveseat featuring fabric by Catherine Willett.

Doris Leslie Blau

The upscale rug company's owner Nader Bolour was an early admirer of the work of Shanan Campanaro, founder of Brooklyn-based Eskayel, and introduced a collection of Eskayel rugs for Doris Leslie Blau in the fall of 2012 featuring inkblot-style Rorshach patterns.  The collection has been making waves in 2015 with Eskayel rugs named best interior textile by Interior Design magazine and featured in Arch Digest in the home of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

 Eskayel's Kusafari design for Doris Leslie Blau.


The Ripple rug by Eskayel for Doris Leslie Blau.






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