Issue Date: 2015 MAY, Posted On: 5/2/2015

05022015 Capel Donates to Nepal Earthquake Relief


TROY, NC - Capel Rugs has made a donation to the Oriental Rug Importers Association's (ORIA) Charitable Fund to support earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.

”This catastrophe has impacted millions of lives and we are committed to doing all we can to help during this difficult time of recovery," said Cameron Capel, vice president of national accounts for Capel Rugs and a member of the ORIA Executive Board. "All of the money being collected by ORIA is going directly to helping those on the ground in Nepal who need it the most - especially children."

The funds being collected by ORIA will provide assistance to a variety of respected organizations that are active in the area, including AmeriCares, Care & Fair Nepal, Nepal Burn & Cleft Hospital and STEP Label.

"The ORIA has been in contact with industry members and organizations who operate in Nepal to find out the best way in which we can help the people devastated by the recent earthquake there, " said Lucille Laufer, executive director of ORIA.

Capel and other ORIA members have been working to improve the lives of children in rug-weaving counties for more than a decade through the ORIA Charitable Fund. The nonprofit organization operates with minimal expenses, guaranteeing that nearly all of its funds go to support humanitarian projects, such as schools and clinics in India, Pakistan and Nepal. In addition to disaster relief, the group focuses on supporting ongoing non-governmental programs aimed at improving the health, welfare and economic status of needy children and their families in major carpet-weaving districts around the world.

For more information, visit www.oria.org .




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