Issue Date: 2019 APRIL, Posted On: 4/8/2019

04082019 First Look – Easy Shopping at Feizy's New Trend-Focused Showroom at High Point Market
By Carol Tisch

Feizy takes a trend focused approach in its latest vignettes and showcases best-sellers in Fine and Lifestyles collections at its Market Square Showroom.

HIGH POINT -- For shoppers attending spring 2019 High Point Market, Feizy Rugs makes it easy for market-goers to quickly identify consumer preferences in the its redesigned, trend-focused showroom.

Feizy showcases five trends for 2019 and beyond in vignettes throughout the running line sections of the Historic Market Square showroom (145), and also in the company's one-of-a-kind gallery.

In this exclusive Q&A with RugNews.com, Kerry Hasselbach, VP of design & product development, shares highlights of Feizy's trends forecast for 2019.

Are these TRENDS found across the board in Feizy collections regardless of price point? Or are some more ahead of the curve and in the high end?

KH: The trends are pulled together across all price points, and in intermixing the new and old. We have (one of a kind) OAK rugs showing Luxe Revival color maximalism, complimented by the new 2 million point, power-loomed Sarrant with an old world glam take on luxe, for example.

Feizy window showcases one of a kind rugs.

How often do you update trends at Feizy? How long do you expect these five trends to be valid? Are you seeing any changes in the market since these were introduced in January?

KH: It's an evolution. The trends we talked about in 2018 have organically grown into the 2019 top five trends. We plan on sprinkling in micro-trends throughout the year -- for example, Floral and Fauna was a micro trend from Luxe Revival at NY Market.

Which of Feizy trends is getting the most traction?

KH: Luxe is definitely the P.R. piece trend, engaging customers with the wow, but all are really layering into the lifestyles and needs of our customers. The trends are curated from what is happening in High Fashion in apparel and home, but also from what's happening in the world, considering consumer lifestyle and buying habits.

Is there anything new at High Point in terms of showroom display, trend presentation?

KHWe've added some color to the walls and have framed trend boards as well as curated trend-focused vignettes. We are also premiering top-selling Fine and Lifestyles vignettes this market.

Bestselling Lifestyles display at High Point Market showcase a range of styles.

Which of the five trends are in the showroom?

KH: Luxe Revival is in the front windows, and then throughout the showroom we have separate displays of New Nordic and Wellness, and then we have Crafted and Global Nomad together in the back one-of-a-kind room. We also have set up a kind of Turkish grand bazaar-looking vignette in the one-of-a kind room since it was so successful in Las Vegas  --it looks amazing.

The bestselling rugs in Feizy Fine rug gallery.

Retailers and designers will see mood boards highlighting inspirations for Feizy's Luxe Revival, Global Nomad, New Nordic, Crafted, and Wellness trends. The company also will premiere vignettes showcasing best sellers in its Feizy Fine rugs and top sellers in its Lifestyle collection.

The five fashion trends showcased at High Point range in design from the lushly elegant to earthy, tribal and textured rugs, and to therapeutic and serene. Each of the trends reflects broader trends in interior design and, as interpreted by Feizy, includes:

Luxe Revival

The Luxe Revival Trend by Feizy showcases plush textures and special details

-Plush textiles like velvets paired with elegant crystal fixtures;

-Thoughtfully curated details, accented by heavy metallics like brass and gold;

-An almost understated flamboyance alluding to royal revival.


Global Nomad

-Folk textiles like Indian block prints and tribal knots, paired for a bohemian vibe;

-Earthy tones like terracotta, creating rich accents in hand-dyed textiles;

-Textural details like tassels, pompoms, and fringe for added intrigue.

New Nordic

New Nordic trend from Feizy mixes sleek furnishings and natural tactile textures.

-Sleek furnishings paired with natural, tactile textures;

-A transition from casual to luxurious without sacrificing comfort;

-Designs that create inviting spaces for a peaceful retreat from the hectic pace of modern life.


-Designs that celebrate the artisan and handmade processes;

-A reflection of the imperfections of life;

-Embracing beauty in the worn and weathered.


Feizy's Wellness Trend focuses on calm and serene interiors.

-Achieving calm in the home alongside connectivity;

-Minimalism meets serenity as dwellers seek calming, therapeutic spaces that cultivate rest and relaxation;

-Conveying serenity and wellness with a clean aesthetic.

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