Issue Date: 2008 MARCH, Posted On: 3/20/2008

03202008 CCA Global Names Demaree President of Carpet One; Hackel to Head New Division


Evan Hackel

Eric Demaree

MANCHESTER, NH -- Eric Demaree has been named president of Carpet One Floor & Home, according to Howard Brodsky and Rick Bennet, co-ceo's of CCA Global Partners.

Evan Hackel, former president of Carpet One Floor & Home, has been named president of Biz Unite, a new division of CCA Global. In addition, Hackel retains his duties as senior vice president of groups for CCA.

BizUnite is a web-based business platform designed to help independent business owners across industries maintain their independence and aggressively compete against corporate conglomerates.

“Hackel will do a tremendous job leading BizUnite to success,” said Brodsky.  “The growth that Carpet One Floor & Home has experienced is an example of Hackel's leadership abilities. Carpet One Floor & Home will continue to grow and dominate the market under Demaree's leadership. "

Demaree is a 32-year industry veteran and has been with CCA Global for the past three years serving as president of Stone Mountain, GCO, and The Floor Trader and as chief operating officer of Carpet One Floor & Home.  Prior to joining CCA Global Partners,  Demaree was with Home Depot for 11 years. At the end of his tenure with Home Depot, he was merchandising vice president of Home Depot and Home Depot Expo Design Centers.

 “Demaree is an organized, dynamic leader with a great personality,” according to Rick Bennet, co-ceo of CCA Global.  “ He is aggressive and will lead Carpet One Floor & Home to acquire greater market share.”

CCA Global Partners is a group of nearly 3,600 independently owned retail stores in the US and abroad.  Members’ aggregate sales are $10.2 billion.   CCA Global business owners are currently engaged in the flooring, lighting, mortgage banking and biking industries. 

Carpet One Floor & Home has over 1,000 independently owned and operated locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 


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