Issue Date: 2005 April, Posted On: 4/5/2005

04052005 TaiPing Acquires Edward Fields


NEW YORK -- Edward Fields, Inc., the custom rug maker, has been acquired by Tai Ping, the Hong Kong-based supplier of floor coverings.

Both companies  are known for custom capabilities, superior service and  design.

Tai Ping, founded in 1956 to preserve the craft of hand tufted and hand carved rugs and carpets, has manufacturing facilities in China, Thailand, and the U.S. In addition to hand made rugs, the company's power loomed constructions include Axminsters, Wiltons, pass-machine and machine-tufted carpets.

 In May 2005, Tai Ping will celebrate the opening of its flagship New York showroom and offices on the fourth floor of 860 Broadway, in  the Union Square area of Manhattan.

Edward Fields, who founded the company 60 years ago, gave his wealthy clientele an elegant modern  alternative to Oriental rugs.

In fact, he is credited with coining the term "area rug."  An "area rug" as Edward Fields defined it, was a non-Oriental rug designed specifically as a rug. Before the invention of area rugs, consumers either used hand knotted Oriental rugs, braided rugs or rugs made from room-size cuts of broadloom carpeting or remnants of broadloom carpeting.

Edward Fields contines  to produce custom carpets and rugs of wool and wool and silk.   Edward Fields has showrooms in the design communities of New York, Chicago, Dallas, Dania, FL; Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  In addition to luxury floor coverings for residential interiors, both TaiPing and Edward Fields  produce traditional and contemporary floor coverings for corporate interiors, hospitality use, yachts, and aircraft.

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